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removeOnPostSave (Client API reference) in model-driven apps - Power Apps


Includes description and supported parameters for the removeOnPostSave method.

Re: Migrate Person or Group type data from SharePoint list to Dataverse table

@xsomej33, to migrate data with lookup columns configuration from Excel to Dataverse, follow my tutorial here:   ...

Add Picture Control does not giving option to select image from Picture Gallery

Hello Everyone, I am getting an issue in my Canvas App which is that I have a add picture control in my app. So when I am clicking the add picture control from my phone, I am not getting the option ...

Black bars at top and bottom for embedded Canvas App

Hi,   I embedded my canvas app into one of the forms in Model-driven app.   When model-driven app page is loaded, canvas app is loading with black bars at top and bottom of the actual a...

Introducing Brian T Jackett: PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Social Media Sample


We are happy to introduce Mr. Brian T Jackett from . Brian is a Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft specializing in SharePoint development / administration and PowerShell for over 9 years. Brian enjoys giving back to the community through giving presentations, planning and volunteering at conferences, maintaining this SharePoint/.Net centric blog, and contributing to the SharePoint Twitterverse. He also holds several Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) for SharePoint related technologies. He authored this blog to walk us through a scenario for gathering social media input and working with that data in various components. This includes Azure SQL, Azure web apps, Azure API apps, and Custom APIs.

Featured Video: Office Mechanics Extensibility Options in Dynamics 365


Luis Camino from the Dynamics 365 team joins Jeremy Chapman to explain high value business extensibility options for Dynamics 365 on this Office Mechanics Video.

Cloud Flow connections in App

Greetings,   I created a simple App and would like to have an email sent to a group email account when a co-worker adds a new row to a Dataverse table. I've tried creating a Cloud Flow outside...

Re: Number Formats

@StretchFredrik Thanks for the response

Do different action based on Multiple conditions using IF AND OR

It seems as if the first part of the "If" always executes even if this part is false. dtbl_MyRequests.Selected.Large_Bid_Category = "Block_Track_Code"     when i select a row in a datat...

Re: Sort with Distinct and Filter Not Working

I just threw some data together and tested over here.  Try something like this: SortByColumns(Distinct(Filter(MyTable,Shift=Select_Shift.Selected.Result,Area=Select_Area.Selected.Result),Name),...

Video control doesn't display closed captions

I'm trying to amend the issues shown in the Accessibility area of the app checker for my app. I've been able to fix everything except for the video captions issue. It asks me for a url to place in th...


Difinity is the largest Microsoft Data, AI, Power BI, Power Platform and Business Applications Conference in New Zealand. Celebrating its 5 th anniversary in 2022, this exciting and dynamic event ...

Re: [$-en-US] codes

My pleasure! If I have answered your question, please mark your post as Solved. If you like my response, please give it a Thumbs Up.

Re: Hide a card in a from

Oooo I like the idea but how do I do that?

Re: Send image via email using a flow

@Pstork1    This is what I am getting     The html text I am using    

Lookup Second (then third, fourth etc.) Result

I have 10 textboxes that I want to populate based on a dropdown. In the first box I'm using a simple Lookup: LookUp(MyTable, Area = Select_Area.Selected.Result, JobAbbr) which works fine. In the s...

Re: Creating SLA report on basis of status

Thanks for the reply, it is what I was looking for. But you are using the minimum and change date time not created time, we need to get the deals touched in first 30 minutes and deals not touched in ...

Re: Caching API access token

I solved it by creating a workspace dedicated to the access token and the API data requests via dataflows.    Create a workspace Create a dataflow for the access token Simply copy / p...

Leave Request App Template replacing OneDrive Excel data with Sharepoint List

I am trying to use the leave request template app but I have to use the sharepoint list for my datasource.   I have tried to create SP list 'RequestOverlaps' and tried to replace it but I get ...

Re: Only the last selected item in combobox is showing

Thanks for your reply ,    I even tried that one before but same result, only the last selected item is showing in combobox label when the form is opened in edit mode  I was wonderi...

How to hide a label when another label is showing

Hi, how can I hide a label if another label is showing.   I have the following scenario, case example 1, which is a progress bar, depending on the number of checkboxes selected, if the sum of ...

Re: filter case sensitive data not showing

Hi @IrshadShaikh,   You can use either the Lower or Upper function. For example: Filter ( MyDataSource, Lower(MyColumn) = Lower(MyTextBox.Text) )  

Re: DatePicker empty value

Thanks ParakramaDhanan, I had no idea that setting was behind this and spend a good while long enough trying to resolve it before I found this thread

Re: Highlighting the sended item through the deep link in the gallery once i open the deep link

Hi @Yancho    I would like to make sure my understanding. You want to highlight the item once you open the link on the specific item.   I suggest Having a flag (Create...