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Introducing AI Builder for Power Platform

Today we’re announcing AI Builder, our low code artificial intelligence platform that supports the Power Platform. It will be available for consumption on data that already exists in the Common Data Service (CDS), the enterprise-grade datastore included in the Power Platform. AI Builder is the platform on which all our Dynamics 365 AI services are/will be built and customized, in addition to providing a low-code user experience for every developer to create and customize their PowerApps and Flows.

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Provisioning and administration is getting easier

This spring/summer of 2019, the administration and provisioning in Power Platform is becoming a lot easier. Learn more below whats coming new and how it impacts your organization. Call to action Review the new capacity report here. Stay tuned for provisioning updates. Learn more here. Read about the administration license changes and new governance capabilities …

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Where in the world is the PowerApps World Tour next?

The Power Platform User Groups (Power BI, PowerApps, and Flow) are excited to announce that they have added another stop to the Power Platform World Tour – They are headed to beautiful Vienna, Austria! We have several other stops planned in 2019 such as: London Madrid Copenhagen Sao Paulo Mexico City Vienna  Where would you like to …

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Owner, Customer, and Regarding for canvas apps

Common Data Service polymorphic lookups are now available from canvas apps.  You can now: Access, set, and filter on the Owner field of any record. Access and set the Company Name field (a Customer data type) of the Contacts entity. Access and set the Regarding field of activity entities such as Faxes, Phone Calls, Email Messages, …

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PowerApps Canvas App Accessibility Guidelines

We are very pleased to announce our latest standards whitepaper – PowerApps canvas app accessibility guidelines!   Why did we write this white paper? PowerApps embodies the idea of “democratization of development”—anyone in your organization can quickly and easily create a powerful app and share it broadly. But the app maker has an ethical, and sometimes legal, obligation to support “democratization of usage” …

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The PowerApps portal is now faster to load

One of the things we care most about on the PowerApps team is delivering reliable and performant experiences. We know that it doesn’t matter how easy-to-use or powerful a product is if it isn’t speedy and bug free. In order to drive the performance our customers have grown to expect, we’ve invested in a new …

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Live now, full session catalog for Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2019

Time to get excited – the full session catalog for Microsoft Business Applications Summit is here. Explore every breakout session and workshop coming to the conference, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia June 10 – 11, 2019. Get ready to flex your skills – and build new ones – with all things PowerApps and beyond. Deep …

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Extend the power of WYSIWYG form authoring to quick create and quick view forms

The new form designer now supports authoring quick create and quick view forms. All the beneficial features of the new form designer such as WYSIWYG preview, enhanced fields pane, quick-access property pane, tree view and more now extend to quick create and quick view form authoring to help enable a rich and productive experience.

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