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Building an Approval experience in Canvas Apps

In a previous blog post, we used a custom connector to access a set of Common Data Services APIs to create a Business Process Flow component within Canvas app. Similarly, we can extend the Approvals connectors functionality by exposing additional operations via a custom connector.  Specifically, we will use a set of APIs to list received and sent Approvals as well as approve and reject Approvals from within a Power Apps canvas app.

You can download the app here:
Get the swagger file for the Approval custom connector here:

To retrieve sent and received approvals, we use the GetApprovals operation available in our custom connector:

UpdateContext({ top:10, environment:"72e87f56-e215-43d4-8883-5cf7ff5550f5", receivedFilter:"properties/userRole eq 'Approver' and properties/isActive eq 'true' and properties/isDescending eq 'true'", sentFilter:"properties/userRole eq 'Owner' and properties/isActive eq 'true' and properties/isDescending eq 'true'" }); ClearCollect(Received, Flow.GetApprovals(environment, {'$top':top, '$filter':receivedFilter}).value); ClearCollect(Sent, Flow.GetApprovals(environment, {'$top':top, '$filter':sentFilter}).value);


To approve or reject an approval request, we use the SetApprovalResponse:

Custom Connector Deployment

Before creating the custom connector using the above swagger file,  you will need to register an application with the Azure Active Directory service. For a refresher, read the following article here:  While going through that process, grant permission for the flow service:  

Ensure Approvals.Manage.All & Approvals.Read.All are checked.

Finally, download and import the swagger file for the custom connector.  Enter Client Id, Client Secret and Resource URL:

You can now import the app and give it at try !