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Read NFC tags with Power Apps on iOS and Android

Headshot of article author Larry Knibb

Being able to quickly and reliably identify real-world objects is a key enabler to building efficient digital workflows for logistics, maintenance, retail and other front-line scenarios.

Power Apps already offers robust, camera-based barcode scanning when running in the Power Apps Mobile app for iOS and Android, but barcodes are often only useful in clean, well-lit consumption scenarios.

Standard NFC and HF-RFID tags provide alternatives to barcodes for dirty or low-visibility scenarios, and are widely supported by iOS and Android devices with built-in NFC Reader hardware.

Power Fx now supports reading NFC and HF-RFID tags when running in the Power Apps Mobile app for iOS and Android. See the new Power Fx ReadNFC function documentation for details.


  • Read the first record from a NFC standards-compliant tag
  • Text and URI datatypes are supported
  • Record type information also provided


With( ReadNFC(), 
      If( Not IsBlank( Text ), 
            Notify( "Read Text: " & Text ), 
          Not IsBlank( URI ),
            Notify( "Read URI: " & URI ),
          Notify( "Didn't read Text or URI" )

For more examples, see the function documentation.


As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on the new function. Drop us an email to Power Apps Mobile Support, or use the in-app feedback feature to send us your ideas.