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At AlphaBOLD, we want to help you improve your business processes by implementing the best possible solution. Therefore, AlphaBOLD has employed talented and skilled Power Apps and Power Automate analysts who follow a collaborative approach to remain competent and up to date with the new developments in Power Apps and Power Automate.

We are committed to fully understand your business processes from end-to-end. We then define and configure a solution that is unique to your business. Our focus is to build solutions that our customers love. Our skilled employees, whom we refer to as BOLDEnthusiasts, use Power Apps and Power Automate to embark clients on a digital transformation journey. They combine their intellectual expertise with their practical knowledge of the industry to deliver robust solutions to the clients.

AlphaBOLD consultants use Power Apps to create custom apps for businesses. The Power Apps can connect to external data sources like SQL Server, SharePoint, CRM, etc. and fetch data from those data sources which can be used to create custom apps. We use different approaches to build Power Apps, including Model-Driven Apps and Canvas Apps. We use Power Automate to complement Power Apps to leverage a unified platform with API- and UI-based automation for enterprise customers. We implement Power Apps solutions to minimize time associated with process annotation.

Our managed Power Apps and Power Automate solution help our customers to automate their businesses using state of the art technologies in which integration with other data sources can be done conveniently. The Power Apps comes with the extra beauty of running on different platforms. We use Power Automate to automate different workflows for our client’s business needs.

Typically, we follow the following steps to automate businesses. 

·            Understanding of the business 

·            Problem identification

·            Apps Creation for the business

·            Presentation

·            Feedback\Training

AlphaBOLD ensures that companies employ actionable insights that drive their planning and decision-making process to contribute to endless corporate growth and development. At AlphaBOLD, we maintain our focus on using technology to help us change lives for the better. AlphaBOLD consultants help you to be Industry 4.0 ready, with the user of Power Apps and Power Automate to revolutionize your business needs.

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