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Re: Power App to track registrations for classes

Thank you so much for this suggestion!  I will perform the steps mentioned and provide feedback as I believe this will meet our need.

Re: Erase information from a choice

@santpaiva  Remove the OnChange actions and the Reset function you have and instead set the DefaultSelectedItems property of the combobox that you want to be cleared to the following:  ...

Re: Filter Based on Combobox

When I remove the functions, I get an incompatible type warning. My filter column is a single line of text in Sharepoint.  

Re: calculations in gallery based on label text(Number)

Please follow these: Insert an icon inside the Gallery5 and OnSelect put:     Set(valueInGallery,ThisItem.Scenario1)   Then In the Textbox for the Percentage: Text(valueInGal...

Re: Gallery with toggle (toggle not connected any col)

Try If(RSM2GalCusToggle.Value=true; ThisItem .Title;"Nope")

Re: Connect MS Forms with Power Apps

@Siebren94 , Any user of the Power App needs an E3 licence, but the Forms part can be used by anyone.

Re: Sum Group with different Criterias

@totti50189  Consider setting the Items property of your Gallery to the following:   AddColumns GroupBy( Filter(yourSharePointList, Period = yourSelectedPeriod...

Re: SharePoint Giant List

Hi @sajarac , There are cases for both depending on what you are using in the process. I use collections for a lot of drop down lists as they are filtered and collected at App OnStart and my u...

Re: Lookup 101 with Add Columns

@sasrsc  It's working now...that's what I am adding!  😁 The formula should have worked as-is right in the Items.  Sometimes the designer does get confused though.   Glad...

Re: How can I compare two values of two collect with their id?

@RandyHayes    Excellent exactly that I was looking for, now I can generate it without having any extra collect. Thank you very much for the help and the quick response.   Regar...

License confusion

Hi,   I’m wondering if someone can help clear up some confusion we’re having.   We’ve built an app using a premium connector (SQL via on premise data gateway).   We then purchase...

Re: Lookup Dropdown field blank

Thx  v-qiaqi-msft, i am design app for Manager check "Report" by their Department. Report source from sharepoint list   Some Manager have managed 1 or more department.  ...

Re: Submitting a New Form doesn't show newly created data, but previous record

Hello @RandyHayes, I spent the entire day yesterday, almost every hour of that day, trying different things. Thanks so much for your help. You have no idea how pleased I am to have got this las...

Re: Link another form item from another list via button

If you are talking about URLs and the launch function, is it safe to say that these 2 forms are housed in separate apps? If not,  and the 2 fields are in the same app,  try this:   M...

Re: PowerBI Tiles in PowerApp all stopped working!

Microsoft are Missing in Action for this Platform. We have tickets open with them, and they are not following up, Day 7 and we are still broken.     

Re: How to Filter SSRS Report on Model Driven App

Hi @MinhPham96 ,   Apologies for the late response. Also, please disregard my latest response, you don't need to manually define the parameter, so please remove that parameter. &...

Re: Edit and save only selected item in Gallery

I followed this and worked like a charm. Thanks very much, opened my eyes for more such concepts.

Re: How to add user's pictures from SharePoint to PowerApps?

Hi @GorgonUK , Have you solved your issue? If the solution provided by  @LRVinNC  is useful for you, please consider marking  his  reply as a solution. In additio...

Re: Overview of Inspection app in Microsoft Teams

Hi, this is a great app, but I would need to extract data out of it, how can I do it? Where do I find the data?

Re: Function May Not Work when the System Language is not English

Hi @Jacky_Shen ,   Could you please share more details about your scenario? Which type is the Attachment column, is it a default Attachments column?   I made a test and change...

Re: Error in App Checker: Runtime

Hi @SAMUELAL ,   Could you please share more details about your Data Table? What is in the Items property of the Data Table?    When this error message comes up, it means...

Flow run history missing.

This is my second enquiry about Flow run histories. Today another one has come up. Now I know this flow has been run. The data has found it's way into the database. I can even see what time & dat...

Re: Filter gallery using Date Picker & Text box in Power-Apps

@nate_halliwell  Thanks for the update. Now I have understood the logic behind the filter function.!!   Kudos to the video as well..!!