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Welcome our new PowerApps MVPs!

Headshot of article author Brian Dang

If you have spent any time in the PowerApps Community, you have probably noticed regular voices through community blog posts, events, and social media. Our MVPs are an elite group of makers who create extensible solutions, share their knowledge, and inspire.

The skills and voice of our MVPs are invaluable to our community and it shows. It wouldn’t be surprising if you recognized some names. Whether it’s writing blogs, streaming videos, or speaking in front of audiences of hundreds and thousands, our MVPs carry our love of PowerApps to all parts of the world.

In the past two months, we have welcomed some new MVPs to the Business Applications category and specifically to PowerApps. Please join us in celebrating the MVP awards of these distinguished newcomers.


Ashlee Culmsee @AshCulmsee



Sandy Ussia @SandyU



April Dunnam @aprildunnam



Vivek Bavishi @that_API_guy



Anton Robbins @Anton_Rob_Benz



Hiro Nagao @mofumofu_dance