Q: If I am not an ISV, can I still build a connector?

A: To release a connector publicly, we require that you either own the underlying service or present explicit rights to use the API.

Q: Can I build a connector without REST APIs?

A: No. In order to build an API connector, you are required to support stable HTTP REST APIs for your service.

Q: What are the supported authentication types?

A: We support the following standards of authentication:

  • OAuth2.0 (includes Azure Active Directory)
  • API Key
  • Basic Authentication


Q: Can I build triggers without webhooks?

A: API connectors for Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps allow you to build webhook-based triggers only. If you have a request for other forms of implementation, please contact along with more details about your API.


Q: My APIs use a dynamic host. How do I implement this in the OpenAPI?

A: The API connector feature doesn't support dynamic hosts. Please use a static host for development and testing purposes. During submission, talk to your Microsoft contact regarding the dynamic implementation.

Q: Do you support Postman Collection V2?

A: No, Postman V2 is currently not supported.

Q: Do you support OpenAPI 3.0?

A: No, OpenAPI 2.0 is currently the only supported version.