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2021 Power Apps community call Demo Extravaganza July 21st

Headshot of article author Charles Sterling

The community has spoken, and the Top Entries have been chosen!  The July 2021 Power Apps community call is your chance to see these Power Apps artisans show off their creations and discuss how they built these amazing samples!

When: July 21th, 2021 8:00am PST


Top Voted Applications and descriptions by the authors (No Specific Order)


The PowerPlatformLearn Course Maker Solution


This Solution allowed me to create and manage a course running to nearly 300 lessons. It’s special because without the Power Platform and Dataverse I couldn’t have made it at all.

Last year I missed the boat for getting an entry into the extravaganza. The “Course Maker” is my offering for the 2021 season. To vote for this app please go to head here.

The App part of a solution and is built over Dataverse/CDS and comprises a data model, a model driven app and a canvas app.

You can find the teaser video here

It was initially created simply to allow me to create a structure to allow me to explain how to build Canvas Power Apps. It then occurred to me that I could use the app to completely replace PowerPoint, and enable me to hold all the points I needed to make as data.

The app also allows me to “manage” the process of introducing a new lesson into the course. The course is free and can be found at and now stretches to 280+ lessons across 35 modules and runs to an astonishing 42 hours. It’s been really tough, and has been my Everest, and is now complete, I’ve reached the top!


Kitty Run!


Kitty Run; a procedurally generated gesture controlled endless runner built in Power Apps.

See how long you can last!  You are a kitty running through a deceptively dangerous world of pitfalls, spikes, and angry birds!

My six year old daughter inspired me to take a break from bizapps to make a game.  Some mornings I find random cutesy games downloaded on my phone, kids are tech savvy nowadays.  So I took a look at the kind of games that she was playing and adapted the mechanics of the endless runner genre to Powerapps.  In a world of digital media I hoped that she could be inspired to not just consume but also create.

After I worked out the core mechanics, I consulted my daughter on asset selection, UI design, and play testing.  It works out great because kids are sooo honest.  A six year old will tell you right away if a game is too easy or “too glitchy.”  Finally this is our product, Kitty Run!


Sports Statistics Tracker – Speech to Text to Dataverse!



The Sports Statistics Tracker Power App is used to record statistics in sports games.  This particular version is made for Lacrosse games.  The idea for this app started during my son’s lacrosse practice last season.  To record our team’s statistics it took 2 people.  One person who is the ‘spotter’ and one person who is the ‘recorder’.

The spotter watches the game closely and anytime a player does something that should be recorded as a statistic the spotter verbally says the player’s number and statistic.  For example, if the spotter watches number 14 pick up a ball off the ground, then shoot and score a goal the spotter would say, “Number 14 ground ball.  Number 14 shot.  Number 14 goal.”

The second person, the recorder, listens to everything the spotter says and records it with a pencil in a statistics notebook.  The recorder person usually does not get to watch the entire game because they are busy looking at the notebook so often.  This is why the idea for the app came about!


Number Puzzle by using Power Apps




Created a game, Number Puzzle, by using Power Apps. There are 3 types of Number Puzzle matrix are supported in this game  such as 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5. Also, in each puzzle type, I am also providing different challenge levels such as Free Style, Easy, Medium and Difficult.

I always believe that while implementing fun projects, we can learn full potential of any technology. With same thought, I created this Number Puzzle few months back.

How It Works:

Planner Gantt Chart as a Power Apps canvas app



So far there has been approximately 12 000 votes on the Microsoft Planner UserVoice for a feature to get a Gantt chart view in Microsoft Planner. I created a Power Apps canvas app to provide this missing functionality. With the app you can select 1-4 of your Planner plans and view the tasks in a Gantt Chart view!

PokéBubbles Game

Teaser PokéBubble game

I wrote this game for fun, to practices and for learning purpose.

This is a game that I loved to play in my childhood. So I was trying to but a similar one into Power Apps.

In total, I rewrote this app 4 times. And every time I try to build this app in a different way or use a different approach to get the best of it.

Enable small businesses to renew and respond to effects of the pandemic using Power Apps



In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Along with illness and death, the pandemic brought widespread economic disruption. Businesses closed and unemployment surged to levels not seen since the Great Depression. To this day,  effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are ongoing. A report from NBCI states that between February and April 2020, over 3.3 million businesses were inactive, indicating a slump of 22 percent. This drop-in active business is the largest ever recorded in the U.S., with a loss in business activity spreading across almost all industries. Yet, against all odds, some small businesses have shown that there is a way to thrive even during these uncertain times.

Big thanks to the community members for their entries!

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