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Copilot-generated deployment notes for pipelines are Generally Available (GA)

Headshot of article author Anthony Sheehi

We are excited to announce the GA release of Copilot-generated deployment notes, with a few added improvements from the current version. All to help deployments go smoothly and to mitigate intervention from admins. Talk about a productivity boost for everyone!

New pipelines Copilot experience, where there is a new generating animation, and the deployment notes pre-fill in one box rather than a separate field.

In the two months of Public Preview, we saw an amazing response from the hundreds of customers who were using Copilot to make their deployment experiences even more seamless.

One customer told us, “This is a valuable feature for us. Before, we couldn’t see what the solution contained. Giving this ability to the makers and support team, they are now able to see what this solution contains when the deployments occur. How many tables, environment variables, Canvas apps, etc.— they don’t have to go and hunt down this information because AI provides it for them.”

To make this new capability even easier to use, we made it faster, reducing p95 wait time by 10+ seconds. This also enabled us to create a better experience, where we briefly show a sleek new generating animation and automatically fill the deployment notes field with the solution overview. Innovation does not stop there, though. We are continuing to make improvements to the model, which will make Copilot in pipelines even smarter and more accurate in the near future.

We hope that you will continue to leverage Copilot’s power to help everyone in your organization make ALM faster and more accessible!

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