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Introducing new Copilot features for Power Fx

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Power Apps, a powerful low-code platform from Microsoft, empowers users to create custom applications without extensive coding knowledge. One of the key features in Power Apps is Power Fx, a formula language designed for building rich apps. While Power Fx is a powerful tool, users often face challenges such as complexity, error handling, and lack of natural language explanation. To address these challenges, we are excited to announce the release of two new Copilot features: Explaining a Formula and Generating Power Fx from Natural Language.

Explaining a Formula

Copilot’s “Explaining a Formula” feature bridges the gap between technical and non-technical audiences. By providing a human-readable description of the Power Fx code, users can easily communicate the purpose and functionality of their formulas. This feature is especially helpful when someone is first opening an app they are not familiar with, as it allows them to quickly get up to speed on the app’s logic and functionality, regardless of their technical background. For example:

Original formula:

Filter(Orders, Status = "Shipped" && TotalAmount > 1000)


Explained in natural language:

“Retrieve orders that have been shipped and have a total amount greater than $1000.”


Explain this Power Fx formula demo

Note: Explaining a Formula is being released to General Availability in English only, with plans to quickly follow with support in other languages.

Generating Power Fx from Natural Language

Copilot is getting another feature that lets users write formulas with natural language comments. The user just writes what they want, and Copilot creates the Power Fx code for them. This feature uses an existing option in the formula bar, where users can write code comments with // syntax. To get the Power Fx suggestion from the comment, the user types // followed by their comment, waits a bit, and sees the suggestion. The user can press tab to use the suggestion or type over it to change it. If there is no suggestion, the model couldn’t make a valid function from the comment, and the user can try a different comment. This feature not only simplifies formula creation but also reduces the risk of syntax errors. For Instance:

Natural language comment:

“// Calculate the average revenue per customer.”


Generated Power Fx:

Average(Orders, TotalRevenue / CountRows(Customers))


Generating Power Fx from a code comment demo

Note: Comment generated Power Fx is being released as a preview feature with English only support, and the rollout will be gradual as capacity becomes available. This means that some users will be able to try out the feature and provide feedback, while the team works on ensuring there is a positive user experience for our global footprint of Power Apps makers.

Improvement to Inline Copilot Functionality

As an added bonus, the new advanced models powering formula explanations and authoring can also speed up the Formula authoring experience for select controls by triggering the Copilot button in the inline action bar. The Copilot generates formulas for supported controls (Gallery, Data table, Text box, Drop down, Combo box, and Text label) in the Ideas panel and can be modified based on the instructions you provide.

To add a formula, select the control and click on Copilot icon.

Inline Action Bar Copilot Button demo

Note: This feature was previously available as Power Apps Ideas, and is still in preview. Preview features can be managed in the Power Platform admin center.

Benefits of Using Copilot Features

By leveraging these new Copilot features, users can improve their productivity, enhance collaboration, and reduce errors. Copilot accelerates formula development by providing instant explanations and generating code from plain language. With natural language descriptions, users can collaborate seamlessly with business stakeholders, ensuring everyone understands the app’s logic. Copilot’s error highlighting and clear explanations help users catch mistakes early, leading to more reliable formulas.

Overall, the new Copilot features for Power Fx empower users to create robust apps efficiently. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a citizen developer, leveraging these capabilities will enhance your Power Apps experience. We value your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on these new features. To share your experience and provide suggestions, please visit this post on the Power Apps community forum. Your feedback will help us continue to improve and enhance the Power Apps experience for all users. Happy building!

See additional feature documentation on Microsoft Learn