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Introducing PowerApps admin center


Enterprises use PowerApps to create business apps involving data and other resources that are critical for the enterprise and need to be restricted to a specific audience. An admin role is critical…

Update for PowerApps: Enabling single sign-on and more


We released an update to PowerApps yesterday. This update contains a number of features as well as fixes that address feedback we’ve received from users. Below is list of what’s new.

How to upload images from the camera control to Azure blob storage


This article explains how to create a Azure API App which takes in an image file, stores it on a Azure blob storage account and returns the URL of the image. This API can then be called from any application including PowerApps.

Create an app automatically from your data in PowerApps


Automatically create an app by connecting PowerApps to your existing data sources like a list on SharePoint Online, an Excel file on OneDrive for Business, a table in Salesforce, and many more.

Re: Multi select/choices field populated via power automate

@mousman85 , @ChrisPiasecki,   I tried many options suggested on this Forum and only one solution worked for me in the case of a user submitting a MS Form with multi-select options (...

Replacing nulls or empty strings doesn't always work - what am i doing wrong?

If i want to replace several values in one step including any nulls/empty strings my mcode seems to skip these nulls/empty strings.   example: = Table.ReplaceValue(#"Previous Step", each [m...

If statements

I am trying to do a simple if statement while adding a new column in PowerBi. The two columns I am using are both in the same format (whole number). What I am trying to do is if colum "Proc 2" = null...

App with multiple SharePoint list forms

Hello!   A quick question, I'm hoping someone could answer or give some guidance on.   I've been building this app that currently contains 9 SharePoint list forms.   It has been ...

Re: Migrate Oracle Taleo workloads to Power Platform

I have done a few external forms for customers and it is doable but not with PowerApps to my knowledge. What ive done is used Power Automate and a Web form which i make for the customer. Customer voi...

Re: Filter gallery items based on Category type of user logged in

I am looking at the current user on start to determine that role Set( varPosition, LookUp( 'Apprentice List', 'Apprentice Email'.Email = varCurrentUser.Email ).Position ...

Re: Filter gallery items based on Category type of user logged in

Hi Dorinda,   how are we identifying the role of users in this instance? Are we taking this from their profile role or is there another method used to identify users (I.e. authentication with ...

collection and SharePoint list comparison question

Hello, small question about the collections, I have a colection that comes from a sharepoint list of "20 items":     ""ClearCollect( test; Filter(topic; IDmeet = gl_makemeet.Selecte...

Re: Automate Documents Power Apps

Yes, there are several ways to do this using Power Apps. One, you can use a SharePoint doc library and quick parts to fill out simple stuff on a form. Another way is to use the premium Populate a Wor...

Re: Please Add Barcode Support to AI Builder Document

Thank you Antrod.   It looks like the Ideas forum is locked (in preparation of the migration to Dynamics i assume?) i will post ASAP in the new forum.   thank you

Re: Have an AI Builder Suggestion? Post it here!

It seems to fail a lot. It won't publish almost every time. But we get no reason why and no clue as to how to fix it. But sometimes it just works the next day. We need better feedback, this thing is ...

Re: Galleries showing more than 100 items

How to show more than 2000 rows count?

Re: Dropdown control

Will the same syntax be applicable to "Active" choice on the DropDown2?

Re: Moving from Microsoft Power platform

The official approach from Microsoft was to keep a single per user licence open as that will ensure Microsoft retained the data you need.   If you really want to export all the data and comple...

Re: Make your Canvas App intuitive by implementing Contextual FAQs

Great idea!  Thanks....I have a complex app that seems perfectly clear to me...but apparently not so much to some users -- so this will really help. 

Re: Patch Checkbox Value in a Gallery to a SharePoint with a YES/NO data type column

@JanCarla , OK - it is better to patch them one at a time, but you would use something like (for updating existing records) Patch( SPListName, ForAll( GalleryName.AllItems As aPA...

Model-driven subgrid with command bar button.

Hi Everyone:) I have a qestion according to command bar button with Power Fx formula. I have a main form (Documents) with a editable subrid (DocumentLines). I have created a command bar button "Copy...

Re: Images Rich text field dataverse not showing in canvas app

any Solutions please ? i have same Problem 😞

Re: Gallery filtering by a lookup column

Hi @derekma19, Here I have used collection to store static data. You may replace it with your DataSource. Then merge tables and filter the gallery data based on dropdown selected it...

Multiple Dataverse Tables in PowerApps

Hi I have been building quite a comprehensive app recently using Canvas apps and recently I have moved the main table over to dataverse.    I am now thinking about moving away from havin...

Filter gallery stops working

Hi,   After months of doing a good job, my filter just stops working in my gallery. I don't know why and nothing has changed in the PowerApps or Sharepoint list. I hope someone can helps m...