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Re: HTML table with selected item of my gallery

Hi @WiZey , thank you for your reply. So should I correct as well as below? $" DEST...

Re: Send email in powerapps

Hi @redgreen_0911,   Essentially it is a person that sends an email on behalf of an account, so it's normal it is shown in their 'Sent' folder. 

Re: Json column half as records and half as text

Hi @v-stephen-msft ,   I dont get the option to filter out as seen in screenshot ( i have even clicked on load more option but nothing comes up)    

Re: Loading connection only queries to a different workbook data model

Hi @Amirmosh    The 'Data Model' is part of the Excel file in which the query resides.  Whilst 'Data Model' refers to a way of gathering and storing data in Excel, each Excel ...

Re: 3 page App creation

@ShrutiDhiman Thanks but that's not my question. when it creates the app the forms have only the name field and date created in them despite me creating another say 10 fields.    Try...

Re: How can I grab the value of individual text inputs form a vertical gallery?

Hi @aec2018 ,   Please try: Set(billingRegionFilterText,LookUp( gal_StorageTest.AllItems,StartsWith(field,"BillingRegion")).txt_inpt.Text); Set(coreCountFilterText,LookUp( gal_St...

Re: Power Apps grid control feedback

Here it shows GA in December for grouping/nested grids and aggregation

Re: Unable to Exceed 500 Item Limit in PowerApps

the dropdown is showing that message.  so this is an issue with the drop down being limited to 500 items?  i see. I will switch to combo box.  thank

Re: Unable to Exceed 500 Item Limit in PowerApps

Can you show us the flow that retrieves the data and how it is returned?  Also the .run line used as part of the Collect() statement in Power Apps. Also, what kind of control are you displaying ...

Re: Missing distinct Dataverse Column values in ComboBox

How big is the list you are pulling from?  Distinct() is not delegable so it will only pull the distinct entries from the first 2,000 items (or whatever the data row limit is set to).  Sinc...

The Power of Community

Find out how our worldwide MVPs and community members love to 'pay it forward' by sharing their knowledge to help everyone learn, improve, and grow. As you'll see, our #CommunityRocks!   Fea...

Re: Setting Default Attachment(s)

@ravin101 , Unfortunately you cannot - attachments need to be added with an attachment control before saving. You can set further attachment controls to the items uploaded in an initial contro...

Re: How to hide a label when another label is showing

@iAm_ManCat Thank you very much 🙂 your solution was perfect and the code example was excellent. This was very efficient.

Re: required field (multiple checkboxes) error message not display

Here is the my update formula.   ForAll( Split(Concatenate( If(Checkbox1.Value, Checkbox1.Text & ",", ""), If(Checkbox2.Value, Checkbox2.Text & ",", ""), If(Checkbox3.Value, Checkb...

Re: blank screen when opening powerapps

i had a basic app with the same issue.  i changed it to Portrait and then back to landscape and it started working. weird

Re: Power Query - non stop connecting and loading

Hi @sueannwee    Sorry for the late reply. Did you succeed to resolve the first problem?   For the second question, I guess what you want is to get data from multiple file...

How to use custom authentication request in next request

Dear,   I am trying to create a custom connector for a third party API that uses a custom authentication method. It basically needs two calls, one for getting an accesstoken, and one for gett...

Re: Remove or replace data source from Canvas app in new PowerApps Studio

It is enabled by default on new apps, but I'm still seeing the old one on apps created in the past.  It may be specific to one or more power apps versions.

Re: Screen controls vertical alignment?

It only works a Custom Card in a Form.

New PDF Function Rich Text Dropped and Not All Pages Showing

I'm trying out the new PDF function using HTML Text labels (Multiple line Rich Text SharePoint fields) in a Vertical Gallery. The PDF is created with the correct # of pages, but only 2 of the pages s...

Re: Help with IF Statement

Change your If statements to read If(Status_Value.Selected.Value="Completed", not separated by a comma.

Help with IF Statement

Still kinda new to this, I have been doing my best to research each issue, but occasionally I come up against things like this.    I have an If Statement, on a Right Arrow that based on T...

Re: Create a collection from multiple collections

@AaronKnox    How would I go about showing every single record in colAllPartsGrouped?    For example, part 1AA might be used for multiple connectors in my connector collection...

Re: Network error when using patch function. You don't have permission to create this row

Hi @amarnay , I assume "Members" have Contribute permissions (at least) and the list is not restricted to writing only to records they have created ?

Duplicate check

How do I ensure a record is not saved more than once. For a particular Field I want to achieve a duplicate check