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Easily design and automatically send actionable, data-driven cards in Teams

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Cards for Power Apps is a recent addition to the low code lineup, announced as public preview in September, that empowers business users and developers alike to create interactive, embeddable, data-driven, lightweight mini-apps that bring context and actions directly into Teams conversations.

Today we are excited to announce that cards for Power Apps can be sent automatically via flows using our new connector and the updated Teams connector! The cards authoring experience has also been significantly improved, making it easier to design cards that suit your business processes. With these new features, anyone can use cards to bring conversations and workflows together like never before.

Cards can be shared automatically in Teams like a daily status update on an opportunity

Automatically send cards via flow with Power Automate

Cards for Power Apps can now be used in flows! Use any existing trigger to create a customizable card and send that in a Teams chat or channel. Power Automate enables these micro-experiences to

  • accelerate decision making,
  • make customer support more efficient and delightful,
  • reduce sales cycle time,
  • capture daily status updates,
  • and much more

To use this feature – design a card, customize any input variables using the Cards for Power Apps connector, and send it using the related action on the Teams connector. Read more details in our documentation.

Create a flow that customizes and sends a card into a specific Teams conversation

The Cards for Power Apps and Teams connector updates are rolling out now for flow makers.

Improved authoring experience

We’ve received amazing feedback during the past few months of public preview and have made major updates to how cards for Power Apps are designed based on what we’ve heard.

With a no/low code editing pane, variables are now easier to create and manage. Rolling out the week of March 20th.

Define variables using a no/low code pane

Writing business logic is straightforward with intelligent suggestions and updated expressions. Cards for Power Apps is built on top of the open-source Power Fx language that anyone can use to bring the same low code abilities into their products. Available today.

Easily write logic with intelligent suggestions

Building beautiful and efficient cards is simplified with better drag-and-drop visualization and debuggable error cards. Rolling out this week.

Preview where controls will drop when dragging onto your card

In addition to the these changes, we have made several performance and reliability improvements, bug fixes, and quality-of-life enhancements – which are detailed in the Power Apps release notes within the section using a ‘cards’ prefix.

Get started

Head over to the Maker Portal and try out cards today! We will be rapidly lighting up many more updates like support for more Power Platform connectors, additional controls for table data sources, and triggering flows from card buttons. We are looking forward to learning what business value is unlocked for you through these embeddable, actionable cards and are excited to be on this journey together.

Learn more about cards for Power Apps in our documentation.  

Thank you for the great input and as always, we would love to continue to hear from you on how we can keep improving cards. Please leave your feedback and comments in the Ideas Forum with the ‘cards’ label, so we can keep track of your thoughts and requests.