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Power Platform Developer Tools monthly release (September Refresh)

Headshot of article author Kartik Kanakasabesan (HE/HIM)

We are happy to announce our new update for the month of October i.e., “September Refresh”. Those of you who have been following us already know of this trend, because the work our team does in the prior month gets released in the following month. Hence in October, we release the September Refresh. With that statement aside, let me share what is in this release.

NEW: Integrating PRT, CMT, PD into the Power Platform CLI

This is for those of you who are active users of the WPF applications that we have for Plug-in Registration Tool (PRT), Configuration Management tool (CMT), and Package Deployer (PD). On the PAC CLI in Windows, these options are now available under a new noun called “Tool”.

We still have the old way to download from Nuget via a PowerShell Script but we thought we could do better and have now provided the capability to launch these tools from the Power Platform CLI

As developer, you can now do a pac tool listand see if the tools are installed

And if you do a “pac tool PRT” and it will go to Nuget the first time and download the tools and launch it

If there is a new version of PRT available, you can now do an update as well and remove the installation from the workstation as well.

Once again, this is only available on Windows as these WPF applications. But we would love to get your feedback. I personally would like to know if you like pac package deploy or the package deployer WPF experience @ ?

Other updates in the September Refresh

solution export with “_managed” added to the name

As of this release, when you export a managed solution, it will add _managed if the path parameter is not fully qualified. This is true for Azure DevOps and GitHub actions as well.

Package deploy defaults to async for solution import

Starting from this build onwards, when doing a package deploy function, it preselects async for solution import, hence for larger solutions that are being imported, it wont error out and yet still show a successful deployment


Description automatically generated

Admin commands update

The maximum asynch wait time which was hardcoded to 60 minutes for admin commands is no longer there. This brings in more flexibility, especially when there are operations to restore an environment, which may take longer than 60 minutes.

We are really excited in enabling these new experiences, we hope you enjoy them too. If you have any feedback, please reach out to us at or in the Powerusers Community