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Re: Issue with restoring older version

Hi,   service ticket sounds good. Do yo uhave any idea how to do that? I found this link: But when selecting Dyna...

Re: Add Picture Control not working on Moto G6

Here is few examples where we faced the issue: Huawei P20 lite, 8.0.0 Huawei Nova, 9.0 

Re: generate consecutive number with lookup function

Hi yashag2255   This works perfect! Thank you very much!! Is it somehow possible to get the "0" befor the actual number like "000001" ? Best regards

Re: generate consecutive number with lookup function

Good morning  Phoebe Liu Thank you very much for your reply!  This seams to work as well, but with a warning "Warning about delegation. The highlighted part of this formula may not ...

Re: Extending PowerApps from Application to SharePoint Form

@v-yutliu-msft wrote:   As to avoid users to modify data in the sharepoint list, I suggest you set permission to your list. Only allow them to view the list. Hi This won't work as we...

Re: Readd observation at same row

Hi @Chi1 , Could you please share a bit more about your scenario? Do you want to add record into your data source more times, but only store them in single one row?   If you wa...

Re: Filter Dropdown Choice Based on Status Field

@yashag2255  Your formula also worked after correcting the Choice source to 'Reimbursement Item', which was incorrect in the original posting.   Thanks for your effort.

Re: Collect text data with a combobox in a form?

@Oskarkuus  Unlock the data card. Hide the text box in the card. Put a Dropdown control in the card. Make the Items property of the dropdown  [“item1”,”item”,etc] Change the Update pr...

Re: generate consecutive number with lookup function

@Unbihexium    Can you try to use: Value(First(Sort( 'Erfassung und Freigabe neuer Artikel 2'; 'Auftrag ID';Descending )). 'Auftrag ID') +1   From your formula mentioned in...

Re: Writeback to database using Power app with Power BI interactive

Hi @Jagan1 , Could you please share a bit more about your scenario? Do you embed an canvas app within your Power BI report? Which data set does your Power BI report connects to? Is it...

Re: Filter by text box or drop down

I think my issue is in the number of rows limitation for non delegatable query functions. When I enter the limiter of top:500,  i get results, but very limited.  I'm thinking that it's only...

Re: Patch values to SharePoint Lookup column

How did you do it? I'm having issues patching a multi-lookup from a combobox  @VirajPatil wrote: Great I was searching for this from 2 days!!!!!! Thanks a lot for your answer  

Lookup for available value in sharepoint list

Hi PowerApps Team   In Powerapps I try to find the way to search for a free value of a sharepoint list.   There is a list with e.g. the following content: Productname | Free Try | Try ...

Re: Media Queries in CSS

Hard to say without looking at code. Missing meta tag may be -    

Re: MS Flow Lost Table Names

Post your Flow questions over in the Flow Community and you will get a much quicker and more robust response.

Re: Gallery OnSelect vs Icon OnSelect

FYI - I have seen similar behavior today that APPEARED to come up unexpectedly on 1 of my 4 galleries that are similar...  However... TLDR; - SOLUTION -> Make sure you have Display Mo...

Allow embedding forms within a Gallery control

Allowing mainly a Display form within a Gallery control would be greatly beneficial to customize the Gallery the way the app developer wants it to, either to make the App more user-friendly or more s...

Re: How can I efficiently load 10,000 items from a SharePoint List into a Collection?

@yashag2255,   I just noticed that the ListItems collection includes some duplicates that need to be removed. How can I correct this? Here is the code I modified based on our previous discussi...

Re: Collect text data with a combobox in a form?

Yes i think we are talking about the same thing.   My column data looks like this in sharepoint: datavalue1; datavalue2; datavalue3. It is defined as a singel line of text.   In power...

Re: Timeline control in model driven: how to make?

Thanks tons @yashag2255 . Any idea how to enable bing maps in custom entitities? 

Re: Image from sharepoint list not recognized in PowerApps

Hi @Bakrsn    How do you mean i mage from sharepoint list not recognized in PowerApps? How do you create your image Column in your SP list? I test it as this, it works ok. ...

Re: Extending PowerApps from Application to SharePoint Form

Hi @LachlanB , SharePoint customized form and app connected with sharepoint list are two different things. The first one only exists in sharepoint list. The second one is a standalone ap...

Re: BUG: forced to PowerApps preview screen with E3 License

Hi Tim, Yes we use an on premise gateway, but it's to a SQL Server which is included in plan 1. No premium connectors here. So it should all work with plan 1, don't you agree. Paul

Re: Allow pooling of allowed number of environments to tenant

Hi @realolap ,   Plan2 can create up to two Trial environments and two Production environments. What did you mean by " actual named user " instead of the Plan2 licensed users? Did you ...

Re: Fancy background animations in PowerApps

This is super interesting, hope to see more. Well done.