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Re: How can I efficiently load 10,000 items from a SharePoint List into a Collection?

@pwrappr01   Do you have duplicates in your SP list or is it getting collected inside the collection?

Re: 12 pm in am pm value

There was a problem in my update screen of my powerapps. Got it solved now.

different answer types per gallery item

I've used a gallery before for answering questions where the answers were all either NA, Yes or No. Is there a way to have different answer options for each question on a gallery? Also, as listed in ...

Re: Substitute Images for Videos in a Gallery

@yashag2255    Thank you very much. I found my issue: I had to reorder my screen's contents so that the Gallery was in front of the screen's data card. Now the videos are working fine whe...

Using "Start and wait for an approval" - Missing Start an approval action

429  . Error de la solicitud. Código de error: "XrmInstanceProvisioningIncomplete". Mensaje de error: "Una base de datos de Servicio de Datos Comunes para este entorno no se ha completado e...

Re: Powersapps, Flow, and sharepoint

You could use either Flow or Powerapps.  If the decision to send a specific email is in response to a human making a choice in an application, it would make the most sense to send the email f...

Re: Office 365 Outlook calendar

Hi @RandyHayes  thanks for replying! So i created a new blank app and added the calendar screen. I can add the connector withouth any issues, but no calendars show up in the dropdown(Value...

How to Reset to NewForm when you have Default Values

I have a PowerApp with a SP List behind it, but also 10 fields that pull from a Azure SQL Database.  When a user clicks the "+" button to create a new record, they type in an invoice number, se...

Using Custom Control in Quick Forms?

Greetings-- Just get into the PCF contents and see a lot of good potentials. One particular question I have is: Will we be able to use custom control in Dynamics quick form when it's get released? C...

Re: Autofill Manager, Team lead, Assistant Manager from ComboBoxes

@v-yuxima-msft    If I follow your link the only portion i get an error on in the Default field for the formula is the ").DisplayName"    The error I get says Expected Table V...

Re: Server response: Error from token exchange: Bad authorization token

Hi @JuanVelazquez I would suggest starting a new thread for visibility purposes. Please include as much information as possible.    @TopShelf-MSFT 

Re: Delegation warning for CDS LookUp using = on GUID

My app does have "Relational data, option sets, and other new features for CDS" enabled.    To recreate the issue, create a new Canvas App.  Add a Display Form with the Accounts E...

Re: Using Custom Control in Quick Forms?

Thanks for the information. Hopefully that's a go.   Is it possible to share what "Lookup field support" will look like?

Submitting multiple records to Sharepoint Person column with a Form

Hello,   I have a Sharepoint list with a Person column. The column is set to allow multiple persons. I've connected a form with a data card to this item, and in there is a ComboBox with its It...

Re: Images Folder in PowerApps

I am currently doing by converting the images in base 64 formats as shown below ,I have tried many different ways but was not successful   this .image.setAttribute( "src" , this ._imgU...

Re: Delegation warning for CDS LookUp using = on GUID

Since the GUID function does not support delegation, I used Set to create a global variable in the OnStart handler for the App.   Set(accountGuid, GUID("my-valid-guid"))   Then changed ...

Re: The App i want to make :)

Possible according to you ?    Thanks 

Re: Images Folder in PowerApps

hi ben,   Regarding 'The one thing I don't know is how consistent the seemingly random parent path /%7b636952333030005424%7d/ is across environments. '   We actually have exposed th...

Re: Azure SQL (SaaS) as data source in PowerApps

Hello, You are correct. I was missing the primary Key in the table. Thank you for your help.

Re: New feature "Relational data, option sets, and new features for CDS" makes some option sets completely unsuable.

Hey @v-yuxima-msft , I resolved the issue by ensuring the other errors in the app were resolved, I think the text parser was having trouble enumerating variables due to existing errors.

Re: ComboBox randomly does not keep value after navigate to new screen

@v-monli-msft Have you seen anything similar to this happening before?

Re: Forcing Integer input for a Text Input Control

Hi @Eduardo_GzzC  Could you explain what it is about your code that doesn't work? In the test that I carried out, the text input control accepts whole numbers. If the input value includes nu...

Re: Email address different from office365 account

Users in Office 365 have both a User Principal Name (UPN) and an email address.  They are usually the same, but aren't required to be.  You should be able to get at both values, for example...

Re: Date in a text label to be used as proper date in DATEDIFF

That was exactly what I needed/was missing @RandyHayes , thank you very much

Re: SaveData not working on iOS with PowerApps V3.19044.15

@PierreJoubert  Can you explain what exactly doing here? If better provide some repro steps to help resolve it soon for you.