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Multi-table lookups now available! (Preview)

Multi-table lookups (also sometimes known as Polymorphic Lookups) allow the creation of a lookup in one table that looks up records in multiple other tables at once. This provides much greater flexibility in retrieving data within your environments. With multi-table lookups, you can perform a lookup on 2 or more tables at the same time and locate the record you want from the referenced tables.

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Important New Feature: Relationship Validation for Solutions

Until now it was all too easy to create and publish a solution and overlook the backing relationships needed for the lookups that are present in the tables.  A new feature will help eliminate this issue. Before October, you will need to validate your existing solutions now to make sure you have included all required relationships for your lookups. 

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Important Upcoming Change: Publishers can modify table properties on non-customizable tables through solutions

A feature update is being released in October that will allow a publisher to modify table properties within their solutions even though Allow Customizations is set to off. You will need to validate your existing solutions to make sure you have no table property changes that you do not wish to occur.

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