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SharePoint MVP Blog – Part 1: Handling Tab Control Scenarios in PowerApps for Full Screen Formats

Inspired by our SharePoint MVPs, PowerApps Engineering Manager Carlos Aguilar Mares offers this really practical design for PowerApp business form designers looking for a “Tabbed User Interface” to save space on a wide format application. I enjoyed learning from Carlos and documenting the steps he took to make this happen. Later this week I will post a Part 2 on this topic, which will demonstrate my own tabbed UI design option that would work best for mobile phones which have less space to work with.

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Creative Apps and Design Challenge – Part 2 – The How

It is easy to create apps that are beautiful, as well as easy to use, when you leverage PowerApps formulas alongside media components which can act as custom controls. In this blog, we’ll learn how to create a single page app that requires no typing at all to submit humidity and temperature data to a SharePoint list. This part of the app build will take around 20 minutes to complete.

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Creative Apps and Design Challenge!

You are cordially invited to a special PowerApps design and creativity challenge! Create your own single screen app, and have fun using creative thinking to make it interesting and easy to use. Two participants will be gifted a special “PowerApps Design Master” t-shirt, as well as some fun PowerApps swag. Additionally, one person will be invited to join me in a community virtual meet-up. The challenge starts today and ends on February 15, 2017!

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