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August Power Apps Community Call: Performance Insights, event calendar apps and game development

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The August Power Apps community calls has a special treat! By popular demand, we are continuing the deep dive walk throughs of the Demo Extravaganza submissions. For August we will be looking at: How to feed your dragon game by Gerard Simpson and Event Calendar App by Juli Reid. Additionally, Microsoft feature PM, Varda Shrivastava will walk us through how to analyze Model-driven applications performance data using Performance Insights. If you haven’t looked at if before, Performance Insights is a self-service tool for enterprise app makers that analyzes runtime user data and provides a prioritized list of recommendations to help improve the performance of Model-driven apps. With this feature, we’re converting raw telemetry data into actionable work items for you to tackle. The call will also include Power Platform Patterns and Practices updates by April Dunham. Of course, none of this would be possible without the host and creator of the Power Apps community call, Power Platform MVP Todd Baginski.


            August 18th, 2021 – 8AM Pacific Time


  • Introductions and kick off by Todd Baginski
  • Performance Insights by Varda Shrivastava
  • Event Calendar App by Juli Reid
  • How to feed your dragon game by Gerard Simpson
  • Power Platform Patterns and Practice updates by April Dunnam
  • Power Platform Updates and closing by Todd Baginski


Demo Extravaganza 2021 Finalists Video Entries

If you missed the demo extravaganza not to worry you can watch the entire recording on the Microsoft 365 Developer YouTube Channel and for your viewing pleasure have broken down the submissions into easy “bite sized” videos:

  • Power Apps Demo Extravaganza 2021 – Course Maker Solution – Rory Neary @azurerory
  • Power Apps Demo Extravaganza 2021 – Course Maker Solution – Rory Neary @azurerory – (Extended Demo)
  • Power Apps Demo Extravaganza 2021 – Number Puzzle – Krishna Rachakonda @rachakonda78
  • Power Apps Demo Extravaganza 2021 – Pandemic Response Solution – Venkat Rao
  • Power Apps Demo Extravaganza 2021 – Kitty Run! Game – Nicholas Nguyen | @PowerAppsGamer1
  • Power Apps Demo Extravaganza 2021 – Sports Stats Tracker – Todd Baginski | @toddbaginski, Matt Schuessler | @mattschues, Hubert Sui | @HubertSui, Sarah Meyer, and Damian Gibbs

Juli Reid

I am a ‘Jill of all trades’, Queen of everything. Developing creative solutions with SharePoint and Microsoft Power Platform Tools are at the top of the list of my favorite activities. Also high on that list are automating daily tasks with Powershell. Among the myriad other things, I do or have done are managing Nintext Workflows, InfoPath forms, wireless accounts, MobileIron, cell phones and creating searches, reports, one-steps and dashboards in Cherwell.

Gerard Simpson

I am a Chartered Civil Engineer with no formal IT qualifications, and I work for an organisation, which develops and operates a wide range of renewable energy projects. I am your typical Citizen Developer. I had been dabbling with power automate for a while, but once I built my first stand-alone app in Power Apps back in July 2020, there was no looking back. I am well and truly hooked on all this powerful goodness!

Varda Shrivastava

“I’m a product manager on the Power Apps Interface team. My focus is on empowering our makers to build usable, performant apps that end-users love!”

April Dunnam

I’m a Power Platform Developer Advocate at Microsoft and Power Platform MVP Alumni. As a Power Platform Developer Advocate, my mission is to help citizen and code-first developers succeed in building collaborative applications for the Power Platform. I develop written content, videos, and samples; speak at conferences; and advocate for developers with Microsoft’s engineering groups. I have an active YouTube Channel and blog where I share how-to videos and demos around Power Apps, Power Automate, Teams and SharePoint. I regularly speak at events across the globe to share Power Platform knowledge.

(99+) April Dunnam | LinkedIn

Todd Baginski

I’m a proud Partner, and the CTO at Canviz where I am currently leading several projects that include PowerApps, Azure, Office 365, SharePoint Framework, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, full web stack, and numerous other technologies.
Sharing my expertise and knowledge with others is important to me, I love to teach. I’ve been blessed to receive the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for the last 13 years. This award recognizes my contributions to the technical communities I am a part of. For over a decade, I have created close relationships with the Microsoft SharePoint & Azure teams which provides me access to early releases. My team and I work closely with the Microsoft teams before products are released publicly to develop training and samples that are distributed worldwide to architects and developers. I give back to my local community by coaching and growing youth sports teams; emphasizing hard work, excellent sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership.