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UB Technology Innovations, Inc.

In this fast-paced world, streamlining business operations has become a necessity for businesses to get an edge over competitors.

UBTI delivers excellent and user-friendly applications using PowerApps with cutting edge data management, seamless integration with external systems and decision-friendly reporting & analytics.  Our uniquely designed and quickly built applications enable the business users to perform all actions, receive notifications and alerts, enabling them to take timely actions with minimal efforts.  The applications built with PowerApps can also be accessed in the web browsers enabling the users to manage the data with any device, eliminating the necessity of mobile devices alone.

As a Microsoft certified Gold Partner, UBTI is serving multiple industries including Healthcare, Health Insurance, Aerospace, Financial services & Education. As experts in delivering powerful business applications, we facilitate business users to easily perform their tasks in a much faster turn-around time.

We jump-start the agile development of our applications on the strong foundation of our solution accelerators that enables us deliver the applications with minimal custom code much faster while ensuring cost-efficiency for our clients

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