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Zappier AI Automation Pvt Ltd

Transform Your Business With AI-Based Hybrid Workforce using Microsoft Power Automate

AutomationFactory.AI is a wholly-owned Robotic Process Automation unit of Zappier AI Automation Pvt. Ltd, based out of Delhi, India. AutomationFactory.AI is an award-winning software automation solutions provider, offering complete digital transformation services. We are a trusted Microsoft implementation services that specialize in Microsoft Power Automate, PowerApps, Flow, and PowerBI, with deep roots in the Microsoft technologies ecosystem

AutomationFactory.AI’s Smart Digital Employee and Robotic Process Automation as a Service are designed to help organizations integrate RPA with technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and knowledge-based systems to drive enterprise-wide transformation. We specialize in making it easier to do business, simplifying processes, and reducing risks. With agility, expertise, and original industry solutions, we embrace projects other technology firms avoid—regardless of their complexity. 
As a true strategic partner, we help our clients to understand current automation levels and discover opportunities, through AutomationFactory.AI you can hire Smart Digital Employee to delegate high volume and repeatable tasks. Once you bring Smart Digital Employee into your organization, you’re on a path to build a hybrid workforce, where digital and human workers collaborate for greater efficiency, improved productivity, and lower operating costs. We empower organizations to:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Using Microsoft Power Automate 

AutomationFactory.AI’s Smart Digital Employee utilizes Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) it makes them perfectly capable of managing knowledge work tasks, which are based on a pre-defined business rule. Additionally, we are combining it with new capabilities offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as Natural Language Processing, Intelligent OCR, Chatbots, and other artificial intelligence technologies, these world-class technologies create smart digital employees that are empowered to automate more complex tasks and are learning by doing. The results free up even more people from routine tasks, additionally, it works much faster, without mistakes, doesn't take any leaves, and never resigned. With Microsoft Power Automate Robotic Process Automation you will get immediate benefit on:

  • Automation of human-intensive backend processes
  • Digital Workforce implementations for an end to end process automation
  • Sales Analytics from structured/ unstructured data sources 
  • Consumer Behavior Analytics for trade promotions, store planning, market trend analysis, product launch, etc.
  • Cognitive Automation, Chatbot / ML for automated customer support for structured and unstructured requests
  • AI /ML models for Anomaly Detection, inventory management, price adjustments, and predictions
  • CRM and sales services –chatbots for Customer service

Smart Automation AI AS-A Service using Microsoft Power Automate Cognitive Services

AutomationFactory.AI have delivered multiple end-to-end enterprise business process automation and robotics process automation solution leveraging the benefits of business intelligence and data visualization, low-code application development, seamless automation, and conversational AI of power platform which includes Power app, Power Automate(API flow+ UI Flow-RPA), Power BI, AI Builder, Data connector, Common Data Service and Power virtual Agent. 

Automation AI-as-a-Service allows business organizations to focus on their core business initiatives instead of making a huge captive investment in trying to becoming experts in Artificial intelligence and process automation. By choosing the AI-as-a-Service model from AutomationFactory.AI, organizations around the world will get a long-term strategy for Automation and AI, with the help of offloading their AI responsibilities on us it will significantly reduce the burden on the company's business unit employees and IT resources. Automation AI-as-a-Service allows business owners to shift their focus to the work that must require a human touch. Automation-AI as a Service is a comprehensive solution model which combines Microsoft Azure Cognitive capabilities, robotic process automation (RPA), computer vision (CV), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) – with scoping, implementation, support, and ongoing optimization.

Smart Digital Employee for Digital Process Automation trained on Microsoft Power Automate Models:

A Smart Digital Employee is an automated team member, it is customized and trained to solve your day-to-day business process problems, just like any human employee works. Smart Digital Employee works much faster, without mistakes, doesn't take any leaves, and never resigned. Smart Digital Employees help automate each stage of the business processes by leveraging intelligent automation including Robotic Process Automation, Chatbots, Natural Language Processing, OCR, alongside other Microsoft cognitive technologies, and Power Automate Pre-build and custom Models. Smart Digital Employee can work directly from your office computer or on a cloud server. Here are few examples of areas where Smart Digital Employee can be used: 

  • Omnichannel Customer Experience using BPM UX components
  • Dynamic Case Management for an optimized end to end process workflows
  • Meticulous data collection and centralized data storage
  • Sound data-driven business decisions with predictive analytics
  • Compliance ensured by specific KPI monitoring

Only Pay For Success

We are confident that our end-to-end AI-based automation solution using Mircosoft Power Platform will drive remarkable results for your organization. That's why we invest alongside you! We only bill for successful implementations. For us, RPA is only useful when successfully implemented. An RPA concert only comes to life when all its parts are in perfect harmony.

 Example of RPA Use Cases using Microsoft Flow and Power Automate. 

1. Smart Digital Employee for Call Center: To automate order processing flow by bringing Desktop UI flow and automate PO generation in SAP system, Web UI flow to place order in supplier system and tracking emails to extract invoice and used AI builder for invoice extraction, to bring a user-friendly monitoring system in power apps.
  • Power Automate – API flow- Use of Azure SQL, Key Vault connector, extracting order/shipment/invoicing confirmation from email.
  • Power Automate-UI Flow: Desktop and Web UI Automation.
  • Azure Data factory: data integration between SAP HANA and RPA database.
  • AI Builder: Invoice information extraction from PDF.
  • Azure SQL: Application Database
  • Azure Key vault: All credentials, access keys, and security-related data are stored in the Azure Key vault on cloud. Blob Storage: File storage

2. Warehouse Assessment Automation:
  • Platform to enable users to submit suggestions
  • Dashboard using Power app and Multi-step approval process to implement suggestions using power automate
  • CDS for data storage
  • Leveraged data connectors.

3. Mobile App using Power Apps for field engineering task automation: Leveraged Power app to transform the complete user experience and Data connectors to connect enterprise systems such as dynamic 365, service now, power automate to build the workflow.
  • The component framework to build custom components to integrate custom logic.
  • Booking alerts for Field engineers who are equipped with a mobile-first app to resolve issues anywhere –anytime.
  • Key technology stack- Power App, Power Automate, Microsoft Teams.

4. System integration for enterprise process automation:
  • Integrating Salesforce with Microsoft enterprise products such as office 365, outlook
  • Automating the entire approval process using Power automate process automation.

5. Mobile App for improving the efficiency of sales team using Microsoft Power Apps: 
  • Sales Mobile App has been designed to create a Modern workplace for Sales Executive.
  • Mobile App for sales executive helps in tracking the lead, scheduling meeting with customer, capturing minutes and exact requirements, and showing related project/product information by pulling from Knowledge/project Hub.
  • Key technology stack includes Power app, Power Automate, Power BI, Microsoft Team

6. Power Virtual Agent:
  • Smart Chatbot implementation for retail food chain website
  • Handle 100% L1 customer request and pass to human for the next level of escalation 
  • Virtual Agent help customers in recommending the best menu items based on their preferences 
  • The customer gets a faster resolution of their queries by instance interactions with the virtual agent 

7. And 100+ more ways to automate your enterprise

We also offer training, consulting, resourcing, and ongoing support, both for day-to-day usage of technologies and strategic development in-line with organizational and business goals.

To discuss a project or requirements, and to discuss with our automation consultant, please get in touch. 

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