How app building software helps your business

App building software is for everyone. Thanks to new no-code and low-code application development solutions, business users are empowered to quickly resolve problems in the workplace. Anyone can build professional-quality apps that promote business agility and productivity. Examples might include scenarios where HR staff members want to automate a vacation request workflow, sales managers need to collect and visualize pipeline data in a graphical dashboard, plant supervisors want to create an app to find colleagues, or teachers want to capture information about students’ reading levels.

Building your own apps is easier than you think

An integral part of digital transformation for any workplace, app building software is part of a new movement where citizen developers create the apps they need to solve specific business problems. Low-code development doesn’t require traditional hand-coding, because it employs a graphical user interface instead of programming. For example, you can draw a flow chart and the coding occurs in the background.

And with access to advanced features such as prebuilt AI components, business users can create professional-level apps that were previously the responsibility of IT developers. App building software also offers quick setup and deployment capabilities. Thanks to preloaded templates and simple, plentiful data connectors, application development is drag-and-drop simple.