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Working with solution dependencies for objects made easier

Headshot of article author Swati Madhukar

We are excited to announce the refreshed look of solution dependencies for solution objects. The dependencies page is now better organized, easy to understand and loaded with essential actions that helps to identify the dependencies and take appropriate actions.


The purpose of the dependencies page is to show inter dependencies between solution objects when an object is dependent on another object. The system tracks dependencies so that it can block the deletion of an object to avoid breaking dependent applications and features. With the new dependencies page improvements, it will help to understand, inspect and take action with the objects involved in these dependencies.


We have added tabs that focus on dependencies that will block deletion (Delete blocked by), viewing other components that use this component (Used by) and viewing other components that this component uses (Uses). We have also grouped dependencies by solution to make it easier to understand the solutions that are involved in these dependencies.


We have included multiple actions that can be taken for each dependency. The actions can be used to:
  • Open and inspect the object.
  • Delete the object.
  • Remove dependency between the objects.
  • Open documentation to learn more about the dependencies for that object type.
  • Delete the solution taking dependency on the solution object.