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Re: HTML Control link to mailto

Hi @sajarac  This would be quite difficult to do. Is the case that your HTML text comes from source that you can't control (eg, it contains the content of an incomming email?)   If yo...

IF(AND(COUNTIF(A:A,LEFT(A1,10)&"*")>1,RIGHT(A1,3)="671"),"",A1) translated in Power Query

Hello there! Basically, I work with very large datasets containing hundreds of thousands of rows and a hundred or so columns. These datasets consist of lists of clients' accounts, with associate...

Re: Displaying Shapes in a Gallery

Thanks again, @v-bofeng-msft!   Here's how I ultimately approached the problem.   I created a collection (colNewID) and added a column called "AutoNumber" to store the new ID: ...

Re: Dropdown list: allow "fill-in" choices?

nice share, i manage to extend your code to accept multiple option. thank If(IsBlank(YourComboxBox.Selected.Value),[YourComboxBox.SearchText],YourComboxBox.SelectedItems)

Re: how to restrict a text box or a submit button after more than 10 times in power apps

Hi @zmansuri , I use power automate for integrating external API in the backend. I use sharepoint list for authenticating username and password. Pls note that i created a variable called varU...

Selecting second-to-last records from a SP list

Hello, from the image below, I wish to select the Time (1) of the second-to-last item on the SP List. Here's what I've applied (With({_dateF:Split(First(Sort('SPListName', Created, Descending)).Date...

Re: Cannot set environment variables during import

Hi,   In your development environment, before Exporting the solutution you have to delete the Current site value from ' Sharepoint Site - development'. Go to Soluton > Environment variables...

Re: Seniority in month

Hi @FranckGbadamass ,   Can you provide some anonymised example data, and clear examples of what your required outcome is please?

Re: Help with filtering a gallery

That's brilliant,   Thank you so much    Is it ok if I tag you for further help in other questions, as working with SQL is proving somewhat challenging, and I find not everyone is ...

Filter icon not showing properly in dataverse Main grid view

Steps to reproduce the issue and it is applicable for that table alone: 1. I am doing a filter in the main grid 2. Opening the record in Main form 3. With the help of custom command and xrm.Nav...

Re: Merging data from multiple files - Best solution?

Hi @ClementR ,   You can use combine file in query editor. Put these three files in one folder and connect to the folder via Power BI.    For detailed steps , you...

Re: Modern Advanced Find - Features for selection of records in Lookup fields are no longer available

Hi @MargotMadge    You can create a new idea through the below URL, then ask your colleagues to raise up the votes.   Power Apps Ideas (read only) - Power Platform C...

Re: Gallery scrolling performance issues

It is possible to increase the amount of records that stay loaded in a gallery. This decreases loading times a little but helps when scrolling up and down as nothing visual is being updated by the re...

Re: Galleries snapping to top row

Thanks all, I've republished some of our apps and this seems to be working! Need to work through the rest now. 👍

Re: limit choices in person field

Hi @Sujimon ,   I've made a test but did not encountered the problem you mentioned.    Best Regards, Bof

Re: How do i format the column to date format called 'created' in sharepoint ?

@Jupyter123 , Created is a built-in SharePoint column which is automatically populated when a record is created with the exact date/time and you cannot change the format or content of it.

Re: How do i format the column to date format called 'created' in sharepoint ?

@Jupyter123  Do you want to format SharePoint backend or in PowerApps?  For SharePoint just apply this Format this column    { "elmType": "div", "style": { "paddin...

Re: Add Specific Column to an existing Collection

Hello, If your new column's data is avaiable at your ClearCollect() step, you should include it in this clearcollect :   ClearCollect(CorpDevices,AddColumns(APIManagedDevices.GetBetaDevice({'...

Re: Use single Slicer to filter rows for multiple date column

Hi @kaushikhalvadia ,   I'm detecting an XY Problem here. Can you give details around what metrics/values you want to be able to calculate in your report please? It's most likely...

Re: WebApi $Filter on MultiSelectPicklistAttribute

you can use my tool Dataverse REST Builder to check the syntax also with just the Demo version, the Custom Table has the column "Choices" that is a multiselect

Re: DatePicker disabling

Hi @ThabangR , You can use a variable to set date picker to blank value. On radio button's OnChange property - If(Self.Selected.Value = "Yes",UpdateContext({varBlankDate: true}),Upda...

Inline editing, modern browsing, and more with the new Power Apps grid control


The new Power Apps grid control in model-driven apps is officially in public preview! This control can be used for both read-only and editable scenarios, supports infinite scrolling for a modern browsing experience, and allows pro-dev makers to customize the appearance of cells. Try it out today!

Announcing general availability of visualizing views in Power Apps with Power BI


Visualize data in a view and get insights quickly with Power BI quick reports generally available on Power Apps’ view pages. The capabilities of Power Apps, Power BI and Dataverse are integrated in a seamless experience to help you understand your data easily.

Announcing the general availability of canvas components and component libraries


Canvas components and components libraries empower low-code/no-code citizen developers to build reusable UX components which can be used across screens in an app or across apps in an environment. Canvas libraries along with the apps can be packaged and moved to other environments using standard Dataverse solutions and you can push component updates through solutions.