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Announcing Power Platform Well-Architected

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We are excited to announce the launch of Microsoft Power Platform Well-Architected, a comprehensive framework designed to help you maximize the value of your investments in modern enterprise application workloads with Power Platform. As organizations increasingly rely on modern applications to drive their business processes, ensuring that these applications are built on a strong, adaptable foundation is more critical than ever. Power Platform Well-Architected helps you design Power Platform workloads that are built to change and built to last.

Power Platform Well-Architected is based on Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework and aligns seamlessly with Azure WAF.

What is Power Platform Well-Architected?

Power Platform Well-Architected is a set of best practices and guidance aimed at helping you design, implement, and maintain robust application workloads using Power Platform, aligned with five pillars: Reliability, Security, Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, and Experience Optimization. Power Platform Well-Architected focuses on key architectural considerations, providing a structured approach to building workloads that not only meet current business needs but are also scalable and flexible enough to adapt to future challenges.

Power Platform Well-Architected provides an assessment tool, comprising questions that are based on the key recommendations provided in the pillars. Completing the assessment provides you with recommendations and corresponding links to the specific guidance that can help you improve your workload’s design.

Benefits and features

Some of the key features and benefits of Power Platform Well-Architected include:

  1. Guidance aligned with pillars and principles: Power Platform Well-Architected is built on a set of Pillars and Principles that form the foundation of well-architected applications. By starting with these Pillars and aligning your design choices with the established Principles, you can ensure that your applications are built on a solid and sustainable foundation.
  2. Design review checklists: To help guide you on your journey to well-architected workloads, Power Platform Well-Architected includes detailed design review checklists. These checklists cover a wide range of considerations, from performance and scalability to security and user experience, ensuring that no critical aspect of your workload design is overlooked.
  3. Recommendation guides and tradeoffs: Building modern applications often involves making tradeoffs between different architectural choices. Power Platform Well-Architected provides recommendation guides and tradeoffs that offer insights into the pros and cons of various design options, helping you make informed decisions that align with your business goals and technical requirements.
  4. Adaptability for future needs: One of the core strengths of Power Platform Well-Architected is its focus on adaptability. The guidance and best practices are designed to help you create applications that can evolve with your business, accommodating new requirements and the evolving technological landscape

Get started on your journey to well-architected modern application workloads with Power Platform Well-Architected on Microsoft Learn.