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Re: Name a document in FLOW using data from power app?

I don't know what action you are using to create the file, but using input parameters is straightforward. This is an example of creating a SharePoint file. In the Create File action, click in the Fil...

Setting User Permissions in App

I have the following scenario:   user 1 is using a canvas app to create a record They then want to give access to the record to a group of users - some of whom will only have read, but others...

Re: Patch OnChange Items only - check box gallery

I would want to be patching the changes to CollectionChanges, not OccAll, otherwise I'm going to end up having to patch every record to SP, like I currently am.  When I use this code on the O...

Re: Auto Populating a Field

@Appy1  I can't answer the first question but User().FullName to fill in the logged in user.

Exclude value from a dropdown list

I'm drawing  dropdown items from a list(column called "Category" and trying to exclude from the dropdown: The value is called  "Non-Standard Sourcing Services"     Sort(Disti...

Re: Exclude value from a dropdown list

Hello please try this  Filter( YesDeskCategorySubCategory,Category "Non-Standard Sourcing Services")

Re: Conditional Form Card Visibility Layout

Hi @JMerk , No to the second question (the order of data cards is only set in Design Studio). For the first one (as I posted), put a Custom Card with the width the same as the Form and 1 ...

Re: Patch using lastSubmit.ID and Another Records from another Table

@NickUSAF , Did you look at my post - firstly you have ForAll() backwards - the function creates a Table (it is not designed to be a loop, although can be used in this way with significant per...

Auto Populate a field based on Multi-Select Combo Box

Hi Community,   I have a SP list with Name and their respective email ids. I want to auto populate the email IDs whenever a name is selected from the combo box. The combo box is set to multi s...

Re: Avoid duplicates

Hi @Blaest , Firstly, that code is not Delegable, so will only act on record numbers up to your Delegation limit, but it is checking if a field value (in this case in a Text Box) already ...

Re: Sorting Gallery Issues

Tried that, too but to no avail.

Re: Making three fields required in a canvas app using if statements

@ianallen13V2 , That is useful information - the issue is the output of your combo boxes (not the code logic, which is correct). What are the Items properties of the Combo Boxes ?

Re: changing dynamically Item Gallery.Selected

@thinkfire  In the OnSelect property of both of your galleries: Set(vrecord,ThisItem) and in the Item property of the form: LookUp(yourdatasource,ID = vrecord.ID)

Re: Highlighting the last entry in a gallery

Inside the color fill of the row, you can apply the logic to fill the color if the record "created on" date is the latest one Hope this resolved your issue

Changing Form Modes Dynamically

Hi,   I have a problem which I was hoping someone can help me with. I have a form in Powerapps and I want the form to work as follows:   I want the display mode of the form to be set to...

Re: Rollback Solution

Thank you for the response. I tried one way but not sure if it’s supported or not. I have the previous version of solution zip file. I’ve extracted it, updated the solution.xml file by incrementing t...

Re: Picking Last and Current Update

Worked perfectly now. Thanks @NandiniBhagya20 

Introducing Brian T Jackett: PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Social Media Sample


We are happy to introduce Mr. Brian T Jackett from . Brian is a Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft specializing in SharePoint development / administration and PowerShell for over 9 years. Brian enjoys giving back to the community through giving presentations, planning and volunteering at conferences, maintaining this SharePoint/.Net centric blog, and contributing to the SharePoint Twitterverse. He also holds several Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) for SharePoint related technologies. He authored this blog to walk us through a scenario for gathering social media input and working with that data in various components. This includes Azure SQL, Azure web apps, Azure API apps, and Custom APIs.

Featured Video: Office Mechanics Extensibility Options in Dynamics 365


Luis Camino from the Dynamics 365 team joins Jeremy Chapman to explain high value business extensibility options for Dynamics 365 on this Office Mechanics Video.

Re: Multi select/choices field populated via power automate

@mousman85 , @ChrisPiasecki,   I tried many options suggested on this Forum and only one solution worked for me in the case of a user submitting a MS Form with multi-select options (...

Replacing nulls or empty strings doesn't always work - what am i doing wrong?

If i want to replace several values in one step including any nulls/empty strings my mcode seems to skip these nulls/empty strings.   example: = Table.ReplaceValue(#"Previous Step", each [m...

If statements

I am trying to do a simple if statement while adding a new column in PowerBi. The two columns I am using are both in the same format (whole number). What I am trying to do is if colum "Proc 2" = null...

App with multiple SharePoint list forms

Hello!   A quick question, I'm hoping someone could answer or give some guidance on.   I've been building this app that currently contains 9 SharePoint list forms.   It has been ...

Re: Migrate Oracle Taleo workloads to Power Platform

I have done a few external forms for customers and it is doable but not with PowerApps to my knowledge. What ive done is used Power Automate and a Web form which i make for the customer. Customer voi...