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App side panes available for public preview with model-driven apps

Headshot of article author Adrian Orth

With the app side panes public preview, developers can open one or more panes on the right/far side of the model-driven app using the Client API.  The panes can contain model-driven app pages like views or forms as well as the new custom page.

App Side Panes in model-driven app

The app side panes switch panes by clicking on a different tab and can be collapsed by clicking on the tab for the active pane.  A pane supports navigation in place as well as navigating back using the page back button.

Previously we only supported having a single pane opened which caused conflicts when different authors or customizers are adding a pane.  As part of the 2021 Wave 2 release, Customer Service workspace and Omnichannel users will begin using this for their three productivity panes.  In these model driven apps, customizers will be able add additional panes.

Productivity Panel uptaking App Side Panes

App Side Panes is replacing the existing single right pane from loadPanel Client API and the right panel used by the Channel Integration Framework v1.0.  This replacement allows multiple panes.  If only the legacy loadPanel is used, the behavior is the same has it has been.  However if one or more app side panes are also added, then the loadPanel is placed in a tab within the app side panes.

More information on the app side panes is in Creating side panes using client API. The feature has rolled out through the public clouds and will soon be available in additional regions. We look forward to your feedback through the community post Feedback on App Side Pane public preview.