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Microsoft Power Platform support for GitHub Codespaces and Windows services for Linux

Headshot of article author Kartik Kanakasabesan (HE/HIM)

Thanks to the support that you have provided us so far, I would like to announce that we are now starting public preview of the Power Platform VS code integration in GitHub CodeSpace and Windows Services for Linux.

Github Codespaces what is it?

Whether it is a long-term project or short-term task, you can now take advantage of a cloud powered development environment. These Codespaces can be accessed via the Browser or accessed via Visual Studio Code installed on your laptop. So instead of cloning a repository, and setting up your development environment, all you now have to do is to create GitHub Codespace and start working.

GitHub Codespaces is available for GitHub Teams and GitHub Enterprise Cloud Customers.

Power Platform support for Codespaces

For developers who want to work on Power Platform from anywhere or any device, but in a code first way, Power Platform Command Line is now available as a Codespace extension and the install experience is just as simple, as installing an extension in your Visual Studio code environment.

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Windows System for Linux support

As we continue to expand our Linux support and the fact that we want Power Platform developers to work on whichever environment they choose to. As an extension to our Visual Studio integration, If your Visual Studio Code install is WSL enabled, you can now use Power Platform integration and it is shell aware, as in, if you access your local file system via Windows, the shell will default to PowerShell and if you use your WSL instance, it will use the Bash shell or whichever Linux shell you have installed.

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Figure : Installing the WSL support extension

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Figure : Click on green tab on bottom left corner to open WSL a Folder

In the WSL folder, if you have the Power Platform CLI installed it show up like this on the Extensions activity panel

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Figure : Power Platform Tools installation in WSL

For information about the Power Platform and the other capabilities featured in this blog, please go to the following links:

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We look forward to hearing from you, please let us at or the Powerusers Community