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Public Preview of Custom Help Panes (formerly Learning Path) for Unified Interface

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We are excited to announce the public preview of Custom Help Panes for Unified Interface available with version

Use custom help panes and guided tasks to give your Unified Interface application a custom in-product help experience that is tailored to your organization. Use custom help panes to provide entity, form, and language specific help and guidance that includes rich text, content links, images, and video links. Custom help panes replace the previous learning path guided learning feature used with legacy web client apps.

Custom help panes and learning path

The new guided help implementation of custom help panes differs from the previous learning path guided help feature. Both features let you create custom help for your application, however custom help panes are optimized for the most common guided help scenarios.

Custom help panes provide the following key features that are not available with learning path:

  • Free-form rich text – including bullets and numbering.
  • Visibly linked coachmarks and help balloons.
  • More options for video sources – including private sources.
  • Storage of help content in the Common Data Service as part of your solution.

Custom help panes don’t provide the following key features that are available with learning path:

  • Sequential help balloons.
  • Help pages per role.
  • Help pages for per device form factor, such as smartphones.


To author custom help panes you need the following:

  • Version or later version.
  • Global create, read, write, delete, append, and append to permissions on the Help Page privilege. By default, System Administrator and System Customizer security roles both have this privilege.
  • Your environment must have custom help panes enabled.

For more details, see the Custom Help Pane article.