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Best practices and workbooks to accelerate your Microsoft Power Platform adoption

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Do you want to accelerate your Microsoft Power Platform adoption to solve business problems and increase productivity across your organization? Are you a technology change manager looking for best practices for planning and delivering a Power Platform adoption project? Or are you a Power Platform champion who sees the value of Power Platform in your team and needs resources to help bring structure to your company’s adoption approach?

Today is your day! We have just launched new content and workbooks designed to help you create and implement the business and technology strategies necessary for your organization to succeed with Microsoft Power Platform:

Advancing adoption and cultivating a low code culture is about more than implementing technology features. Technology can assist an organization in making the greatest impact, but successful low code culture involves considerations across people, processes, and technology. This new practical information will help you successfully achieve your desired business outcomes with your adoption effort:

Power Platform on

The Power Platform content on is your one place to find a collection of content relevant to your adoption journey. It helps you get started, engage your org, train your org, find your champions, and govern your environments.

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Adoption planning workbook

We’ve compiled an easy-to-follow how-to guide that walks you and your team, step-by-step, through the best way to adopt Power Platform in your organization. The insights we share come from our most successful customers, who have maximized the power of their investments. This workbook provides you with proven guidance to help you create and implement the business and technology strategies necessary for your organization to succeed with Microsoft Power Platform.

Screenshot of the first few pages of the Adoption Planning workbook

Hackathon planning workbook

Use this guide when you want to learn more about how to plan and run a hackathon event. This workbook provides you with checklists of what to consider, along with survey forms and email templates to use.

Screenshots of the first few pages of the Hackathon planning workbook

What’s next?

Power Platform adoption efforts typically align to the following three areas: Strategy & Vision, Nurture & Educate, and Admin & Governance. The new content focuses primarily on providing guidance and best practices for the Strategy & Vision and Nurture & Educate buckets.

Diagram showing an infinite loop between Strategy and Vision, Nurture and Educate and Admin and Governance to highlight how these areas go hand in hand for Power Platform adoption

This gives you a great starting point on your Power Platform adoption journey – and once you’re ready for the next steps, we’ll have you covered with more workbooks that are currently being developed:

  • Champion program workbook to help you develop an internal Champions community
  • Training strategy workbook to guide you in developing an upskilling journey for your makers
  • Governance guardrails workbook to help your Power Platform admins follow best practices as they set out to secure, manage, and monitor your Power Platform adoption