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New PowerApps update boosts productivity with support for Flow, undo/redo in the web, a new experience to manage app updates, and OnStart initialization

Headshot of article author Darshan Desai

The newest update for PowerApps (version 650) adds new functionality for app authors to be more productive in PowerApps Studio on the web, a brand new experience to test your changes and control when you publish updates to your users, and addresses many more issues based on feedback. This post walks you through some key capabilities.

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App Creation Tips: Best Practices in App Icon Design

Headshot of article author Audrie Gordon

Best Practices for PowerApp Icons Are you considering the design of your app icons when publishing new PowerApps in your organization? Based on industry standards, app icons can be more important than meets the eye! Let’s take a few moments this week and think about the importance of app icons.

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