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July 17th Webinar: Common Time saving PowerApps development techniques by Todd Baginski and Keith Whatling 

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In this month’s PowerApps Community call we will discuss and demonstrate common PowerApps development techniques.  In other words, things you will do/use almost every time you create PowerApps.  First, we will cover concepts related to user interface styling and user roles.  Then, we will discuss how to implement configuration settings, error handling, and logging and telemetry.  If we have time left we’ll show you some cool integration patterns you can achieve with deep linking.  As usual, we’ll highlight recent PowerApps news and community contributions, answer your questions in the chat channel, and share our monthly tips related to this month’s theme.


Date / time:

08:00am PST, July 17th, 2019


  • Common PowerApps Development Techniques – 44 minutes (Keith and Todd)
    • Todd
      • Configuration settings
      • Error handling
      • Logging and telemetry
    • Keith
      • Color palette
      • Styles
      • Functionality based on user roles
      • Deep linking
  • Recent PowerApps News and Community Contributions – 5 minutes (Todd and Chuck)
    • Here we showcase recent community contributions we get from Twitter. #PowerAppsCC
  • Monthly tips related to theme of the month – 2 minutes (Todd and Keith)
    • 3 takeaways each
  • Q&A – Till end of call

About our presenters:

Todd Baginski
Todd Baginski

I’m a proud Partner, and the CTO at Canviz where I am currently leading several projects that include PowerApps, Azure, Office 365, SharePoint Framework, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, full web stack, and numerous other technologies.
Sharing my expertise and knowledge with others is important to me, I love to teach. I’ve been blessed to receive the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for the last 13 years. This award recognizes my contributions to the technical communities I am a part of.
For over a decade, I have created close relationships with the Microsoft SharePoint & Azure teams which provides me access to early releases. My team and I work closely with the Microsoft teams before products are released publicly to develop training and samples that are distributed worldwide to architects and developers.
I give back to my local community by coaching and growing youth sports teams; emphasizing hard work, excellent sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership. 


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Keith Whatling

Keith Whatling is an experienced analyst with a demonstrated history of award-winning innovation in transportation. “I have a wealth of experience from digital content creation and data analysis to Microsoft’s Power Platform, using PowerApps and Flow to drive digital transformation. I can hold my own with Python, VBA and have some C# experience.”