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Webinars Jan 11-17: Flow Administration, PowerApps Custom APIs, and Building a production ready PowerApps App

Headshot of article author Charles Sterling

The holidays have come to a close, which means we're back with more webinars! Over the next two weeks we have fantastic webinars for your viewing pleasure. 


Microsoft Flow administration, SharePoint integration, and best practices by Merwan Hade

Microsoft Flow entered general availability a month ago, and it already has over 100,000 active users! Flow is a new automation tool for business users, empowering them to create workflows to receive notifications, synchronize files, transfer data, and automate approvals. This webinar will look at common support issues and best practices to help you get started. Join Merwan Hade, Program Manager on the Microsoft Flow team, as he walks through SharePoint integration, administration, and all round best practices for using Microsoft Flow.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 10 a.m. PT
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About Merwan Hade

Merwan is a Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft Flow team, leading the the user experience for the workflow designer, driving the integration between SharePoint Online and Microsoft Flow, and managing the data governance story. He previously worked as a PM on the Microsoft PowerApps and Visual Studio Azure Tools teams. Merwan's mission is to deliver the very best user experience possible.


PowerApps custom APIs, gateways, and data sources by Archana Nair

Join Archana Nair and Charles Sterling for a look at building PowerApps solutions that can connect to various cloud and on-premises sources. This webinar will cover best practices on using the Application Gateway, shared by PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Azure Analysis Services, and of course Power BI. We'll finish with a drill down into custom APIs, and a demo by Charles Sterling on how to create a custom API that calls the Power BI REST API to insert Rows into a Power BI dataset.

Thursday, January 12, 2017, 10 a.m. PT
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About Charles Sterling

Charles Sterling came to Microsoft from being a marine biologist working for United States National Marine Fisheries doing marine mammal research on the Bering Sea. He started out at Microsoft supporting Excel and moved through a couple of support teams to being an escalation engineer for Microsoft SQL Server. Taking his love for customers (and diving), Chuck moved to Australia as a product manager and developer evangelist for the .NET Framework. In 2008 he moved back to Redmond as the Visual Studio community program manager and just recently moved to the Power BI team to continue his community passion and looking after the Power BI influencers and MVPs.


How to build a production-ready event application in less than a week with PowerApps

One of the Azure MVPs, Vishwas Lele, was asked to create an fully functioning cross-platform event application that would integrate with Outlook, share images, and run on the main stream platforms including web browsers, Android, and IOS in less than a week. This webinar will show how Vishwas used PowerApps and Microsoft Flow to make this project a reality. For more information, you can also visit the PowerApps Blog on this topic.

Thursday, January 17, 2017, 10 a.m. PT
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About Vishwas Lele

Vishwas serves as CTO at Applied Information Sciences, Inc. He is responsible for assisting organizations in envisoning, designing, and implementing enterprise solutions related cloud and mobility. Mr. Lele brings close to 27 years of experience and thought leadership to his position, and has been with AIS for 22 years. A noted industry speaker and author, Mr. Lele serves as the Microsoft Regional Director for Washington D.C. and is currently an Azure MVP.