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Power Virtual Agents online community and Building a Crisis FAQ chatbot with Power Virtual Agents Webinar May 1st

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Happy to announce there is a new community for Power Virtual Agents and to help you get started the Power Virtual Agents team is hosting a webinar to answer all your chatbot creation questions May 1st!
Community is the cornerstone to the Power Platform and Power Virtual Agents is no exception; today we are making available the Power Virtual Agents online Community with the following features.

The Microsoft Power Virtual Agents Community Forums

If you are looking for support with any part of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, our forums are the place to go. They are titled “Forums” and there you will find technical professionals with years of experience who are ready and eager to answer your questions. You now have the ability to post, reply and give “kudos” on the Power Virtual Agents community forums! Make sure you conduct a quick search before creating a new post because your question may have already been asked and answered!

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents Ideas

Do you have an idea to improve the Microsoft Power Virtual Agents experience, or a feature request for future product updates? Then the “Power Virtual Agents Ideas” section is where you can contribute your suggestions and vote for ideas posted by other community members. We constantly look to the most voted Ideas when planning updates, so your suggestions and votes will always make a difference.

News & Announcements

The Power Virtual Agents Community News & Announcements is your stop to get all the latest news around community events and announcements. This is where we share with the community what is going on and how to participate!

Power Virtual Agents Samples, Learning and Video Galleries

We have galleries that can assist you with information on creating a chatbot in our Webinars and Video Gallery already with 29 videos

Again, we are excited to welcome you to the Microsoft Power Virtual Agents community family! Whether you are brand new to the world of chatbot creation or you are a seasoned Power Virtual Agents veteran. Our goal is to shape the community to be your ‘go to’ for support, networking, education, inspiration and encouragement as we enjoy this adventure together!

Building a Crisis FAQ chat bot with Power Virtual Agents Webinar May 1st

As part of the community launch, we are also offering a live webinar on creating chatbots with Power Virtual agents.

With the current Covid19 situation one of the top requests we are seeing is how to use Power Virtual Agents to create a Crisis FAQ chat bot.

To help with those requests, the Power Virtual Agents engineering team has done some great blog posts to get you started:

This webinar is designed to be a supplement to those posts, answer your questions and drilldown into best practices and tips for building a crisis response chat bot for your organization.

A Crisis FAQ chat bot can help you address some common questions of employees, for example, in the face of crisis. You can sign up for the Power Virtual Agents trial version to create a bot (trial is free for 30 days and currently extendable after 30 days) and use the pointers outlined in this presentation to create and customize topics as needed for your audience. The webinar will walk you through an example with step by step guidance that you can expand for other scenarios and answering your questions real time. The key goal of this webinar is to help you get a Crisis FAQ bot created, running and deployed quickly.

In this webinar we will also cover the exciting new offer and announcement made by Alysa Taylor:

“To empower organizations to take advantage of the solutions above, we are making Power AppsPower AutomatePower Apps portals and Power Virtual Agents available for a free six-month product offer, that includes all premium capabilities for customers in the healthcare, education, nonprofit, and government sectors.”

For more details about this announcement please see:

When: May 1st 10AM PST


About our presenters:

Michael Tjalve

Power Virtual Agents Principal Program Manager.  I have spent the past two decades working at the intersection of technology and language as an interface, with focus on turning disruptive innovation into engaging user experiences. I’m actively engaged in initiatives to develop and promote AI for social good and I’m particularly interested in how conversational AI can enable new learning experiences – empowering both students and teachers. I have built products and services powered by conversational AI and I have worked on applying AI in the humanitarian sector where it can help improve education access and quality for underserved and displaced communities as well as on leveraging AI as a key component for helping people better prepare for the jobs of the future through accessible reskilling and continuous learning opportunities.

Salem Bacha

Power Virtual Agents Senior Software Engineer.  Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in DirectX, OpenGL, Game Programming, Machine Learning, Problem Solving, Architecture Software Designs, Full Stack Web Development, and Customer Driven Platform Services. Strong engineering professional with a Master of Computer Science focused in Mathematics and Computer Science from Digipen Institute of Technology. Currently working on Power Virtual Agents for Microsoft.

Renato Romão

As one of the founders of the Power Virtual Agents community he single handedly answers a large percentages of the Power Virtual Agents community forum posts.  For this call Renato has graciously offered to cover his latest community contributions help monitor the Q&A panel during the call.   Some words directly from Renato:

Hi, my name is Renato Romão! 🙂 I’m a Senior Full-stack Developer and you can see my biography in my LinkedIn profile: