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Re: Leave request - Exclude weekends only sunday

@Kushi    Hi, put your code in this box for easy viewing help  

Re: Navigate to detail screen of the item which is just submitted

OnSuccess of the Form, set a variable: Set(varlastItem,FormName.LastSubmit)   Then in the Detail form Item property put: varlastItem   If you want only the ID: varlastItem.ID ...

Re: Will Patch Update ONLY the Item Associated with the 'ID"

@3csman  Since you already have the ID in the list, you can utilize the following instead: UpdateIf(MemberCertsandQualsList, ID= varIsUpdateMemberRecord.ID, {...the columns you want to updat...

Re: Can i add a counter as circle around number insdie my canvase

You might have to include the number in the image, but you should be able to build this kind of graphic using an SVG image.  Here's a post that discusses how to draw an SVG arc. SVG arc tutori...

Re: NFC tag Scanning

Last week I sent a private msg to @FilipK to understand if this was definitely discarded or if there's any hope to have it in the next months but unfortunately still no answer... 😑 ...&nbs...

Re: NFC tag Scanning

We need NFC tag scanning! What is the status on this? Why hasn't Microsoft told us when we can get this?

Re: Show/hide controls in gallery

Update.  The OnSelect code worked, but, when I clicked to collapse on any individual gallery question, it would collapse them all.  This is the new statement that works perfectly: OnSelect...

Re: ComboBox Default Selected Logic

@kriggo15  Well, I would start with...what do you need in your Combobox?  Do you need the full record or just a certain column value in that Combobox?   IN other words, set the I...

Re: Cascading Dropdown selections not showing up in browse gallery

Ah I see, sorry. So yes ThisItem would only be useful if available in the Data Source supplied as part of the Items property of the gallery. In that case you would need to have a handle within the...

Re: Combo Box - Search

Hi, You are asking for trouble there, as outside of being useful in SharePoint, LookUp columns don't tend to place nicely elsewhere. What I would normally do, is rather than getting and working...

Re: Cascading Dropdown selections not showing up in browse gallery

Okaay, I've tried this but it still shows up empty. I will say that my Title (Date) and Subtitle (Technician) are from different data sources than the body (Equipment) lable.  

Re: Did SharePoint Data collection change?

hi @RandyHayes so after a little more testing i have found that from a brand new canvas app if i add a gallery and set the data source to a SharePoint library. I can access the created by a...

Re: PowerApps VS Power BI

Hi, So the beauty of the Power Platform is that they can all tap into pretty much the one data source. So you first need to determine your data source, which word of warning will not be an easy de...

Re: The Function If has some invalid arguments

@RandyHayesok here is a screen shot:-  

Re: App for dynamic Q&A. Feasible in PowerApps?

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I'm working on it. 

Issues with Patching and Polymorphic Lookup

I'm using the CDS and custom tables: Customers and Sites. Sites has a lookup column to Customers and I am having issues patching a record to Sites that references Customers.   Screenshot 1: T...

Re: gallery filter on multiple criteria

@mrleetyler  Based on what you describe, I believe you are using the wrong logic operator. Please consider changing your Formula to the following: Filter(TravelRequestFlightHotel,!IsBlank(...

Re: Web Form Conditions - where to find casetypecode

You find the Case (incident) Table in the solution area under the Default solution (end of the list) in, Click Case to view the items under it first Tab should be the Columns, find...

Re: Displaying a record after filtering with a toggle.

@AdamH  No, this all hinges on the Item property of the form...what is that set to?

Re: How to add a date value in a groupby function to be able to filter in a gallery

Thanks heaps @v-bofeng-msft , perfect solution. Will need to read up more on the Ungroup function but have learned plenty just from your code as is!

Re: My Status drop down list will appear empty when we edit the list item

@v-bofeng-msftagain and again this formula:-   If(IsBlank(Var1),Parent.Default,Var1)   will raise this error "if statement contain invalid arguments"!!

Re: Error in the flow

Hi @varshinims08 : I suggest you check the running history of this flow to find the cause of the error. In addition, if you have some flow questions in the future, I suggest you ...

Re: How to fetch more than 5000 rows in JSON using fetch xml

Hello @OOlashyn, Thanks again for reply,   Now I am facing issue at filtering data where in web template when two entities are linked using tag please refer below co...