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Why PowerApps? Create apps at the pace that employees demand.

Why PowerApps? Create apps at the pace that employees demand.

Turn your data into apps

Create personalized apps that bring together the services you use every day – Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Dropbox, OneDrive and more.

Mobilize your systems

Bring information stored in SharePoint, SQL Server, Oracle databases, SAP and even custom business systems to your fingertips – and work the way you want.

Secure access everywhere

Rest easy with secure connections to data and the enterprise-level access control your business expects.

Create without limits

Employees can use their Office skills to create business apps tailored to their needs. Pro developers can use Azure App Service to build apps and connections faster than ever.

Work smarter with automation

Spin up a simple workflow to automate routine tasks so you can focus on what matters.

Share apps like documents

It’s as simple as typing an email address and your team can take advantage of your app.

It works on all devices

Create and share apps from phones, tablets or desktops – and they work instantly across iOS, Android and Windows.

Powerful possibilities

Check out examples apps that you can create in just minutes …

Everybody wins

Business leaders

Get more value out of your existing systems and get the apps your employees need by empowering everyone in your organization to innovate.


Use Microsoft Office skills to create apps that connect to the information you need – and easily share them with anyone on your team.

Pro developers

Use Azure App Service to build native apps faster with simple data integration and create APIs to easily collaborate with everyone. Learn more.

IT professionals

Manage apps and access to data and critical business systems with the control and security your organization needs.

"PowerApps is simple to use, and doesn’t require deep technical knowledge or programming skills. I can create fully-functioning apps very rapidly and easily. In fact, we’ve brought app development in-house, which has really saved us a lot of money."

Stéphane Cavallo, CIO of Division Habitat at Groupe Beneteau

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