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What’s new in the Common Data Service – Feburary 7 edition (Previous Version)

The Common Data Service team has just released it’s latest update.  Our team been hard at work on a bunch of features that will be lighting up over the next few months.  Today we’re excited to share with you just a few of the latest updates that have just released including; (i) Updates to the Common Data Model (ii) Support for Environments in the Office Add-Ins and (iii) Updates on Preview Environments.

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PowerApps Community Blog Highlights

Have you visited the Power Apps Community blog lately? Along with rapidly growing forums, event listings, and ways to leave feedback, the Community blog is a platform for you to share ideas with your peers, industry experts, and us here at Microsoft. If you’d like to contribute, simply message @Jessica with a rough title for your post and a couple of sentences to describe your topic. Let’s look at some of the great posts from January!

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