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Arm enables low-code adoption with a thriving Power Platform Center of Excellence

Arm, a leading semiconductor and software design company headquartered in Cambridge, England, has had a lot of success with Microsoft Power Platform. In this story, we will explore how they used parts of the Power Platform Centre of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit to put controls and guardrails in place to manage Power Platform usage, harness the enthusiasm of citizen makers, and form a thriving community of skilled practitioners who learn from each-other and develop high value apps for the organization.

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Multi-table lookups now available! (Preview)

Multi-table lookups (also sometimes known as Polymorphic Lookups) allow the creation of a lookup in one table that looks up records in multiple other tables at once. This provides much greater flexibility in retrieving data within your environments. With multi-table lookups, you can perform a lookup on 2 or more tables at the same time and locate the record you want from the referenced tables.

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