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Get updates about your app right in your inbox

Headshot of article author Matthew Bolanos

Beginning today, we’re starting a pilot program to send regular emails to notify makers like yourself about the usage of their top performing app. This will give regular insights into how an app is performing without having to actively look at its analytics. In this first email, we’ll let you know how many people used …

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Custom Air Products & Services manages manufacturing process using Microsoft Power Platform

Headshot of article author Sameer Bhangar

Custom Air Products and Services has replaced old paper-based processes with Microsoft Power Platform digital solutions that have been actively used in their manufacturing facility since 2018. The solutions have been primarily built by Rebecca Sackett, who had no prior app development experience. Apps are used to track sign-offs during the manufacturing process, manage sales quotes, track and send notifications about root cause analyses, and more.

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Easily add and move fields and controls on a form using drag-drop and cut-paste

Headshot of article author Anees Ansari

Makers can now easily add and move fields and controls, to the exact location they want, directly on the form preview, and instantly see how the form will appear to end-users. Two new features added to the new form designer: drag-drop and cut-paste are making this possible. Combined with the live WYSIWYG preview of the form, these new features provide a big productivity boost when authoring forms.

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Enhancements to On-premises data gateway management in the Power platform Admin center

Headshot of article author Arthi Ramasubramanian Iyer

We launched the public preview of the Data Gateway administration feature on the Power platform admin center in January. This feature provides tenant admins with visibility into all On-premises data gateways within their organization and also management capabilities. We are now excited to add 2 new capabilities to this feature: Visibility into On-premises data gateway …

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The PowerApps component framework and the PowerApps CLI is now available for public preview

Headshot of article author Hemant Gaur

Today we have reached an important milestone for Microsoft PowerApps: we are announcing public preview for PowerApps component framework for model-driven apps. This is a significant step towards empowering 3rd party developers to build compelling visual components in PowerApps and Dynamics 365 using the same framework which the Microsoft team uses. Professional developers can now …

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More small steps…

Headshot of article author Greg Lindhorst

A quick note on two bite size features. Have you ever wondered why the Navigate function requires the second argument?   For example: Navigate( Screen2, None ) Why not just default the second argument?  Transitions can make for a more engaging user experience but most folks don’t use them. Yeah, we wondered that too.  With the …

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Effortlessly find and switch between icons in canvas apps

Headshot of article author Emma Cooper

There is an icon in almost every app or website. A plus icon, a search icon, there’s even refresh icons on your browser you’re reading this blog in right now. The icon control in PowerApps allows you to include these graphical symbols for which you can configure properties such as their color, or their OnSelect property …

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Canvas debugging with Results View

Headshot of article author Greg Lindhorst

Lots of debuggers allow you to see the value of an expression simply by selecting it in the source.   You’ll recognize an example immediately: Wouldn’t it be great if Canvas apps had this same facility?  Imagine: Think about the implications. You don’t need to flip to the File menu and then navigate to the collection …

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Use new screen properties for responsive canvas apps

Headshot of article author John Elsbree

If you’ve started building responsive canvas apps by crafting size and position formulas on your controls, we’ve added some properties that may help you simplify your responsive formulas for some common situations. The addition of these properties won’t change the default behavior of your canvas apps; they’re optional things you can choose to use if you …

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“Mayor of the Internet” Alexis Ohanian to keynote Microsoft Business Applications Summit

Headshot of article author Robert Emma

We’re so excited to announce Alexis Ohanian as our special guest keynote speaker for Microsoft Business Applications Summit, coming to Atlanta, Georgia June 10 – 11, 2019. Dubbed “Mayor of the Internet” by Forbes, Ohanian co-founded Reddit in 2005. He sold the site to Condé Nast in 2006, but returned in 2015 as executive chair …

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