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PowerApps for pros: develop faster with low code

As we open Microsoft Build 2019 this week, the Power Platform is a hot topic for software developers. That’s right: low-code has arrived as an important new capability in any professional developer’s toolkit. We’ve doubled down our efforts to ensure a “no cliffs” experience in PowerApps, allowing pros to augment the speed of low-code development …

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Configure easy dependent drop downs in PowerApps

Dependent drop downs, also known as “cascading drop downs” is the scenario where making one selection on a drop down filters the options available for selection on a following drop down. This is a common scenario across business forms in order to optimize the form filling out experience for the user. For example, filtering cities that …

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The Power Platform World Tour: 2 Stops Down… Endless Possibilities To Go

The Power Platform World Tour (formerly referred to as the Power BI World Tour) is well underway as it recently wrapped up its second stop in Silicon Valley, California. With 24+ breakout sessions covering topics across the entire Power Platform, expert speakers, and great conversations fueled by gallons of coffee, it’s easy to see the …

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10 Reusable Components: tab control, calendar, dialog box, map control and more

This blog post will present a set of custom controls built using the new PowerApps component feature for Canvas apps. As a prerequisite, check out Yifie Wang’s blog post introducing the PowerApps components feature and Brian Dang’s “start your journey with components” blog post that includes instructions on importing/exporting components and more. Before we delve …

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Quickly edit the filters for views

Makers can now quickly and easily edit the filters for their model-driven views. The view designer displays filters in the Filter by … section in the property pane. Clicking on the individual filters in the property pane shows a dialog that allows makers to quickly update the operator and the value.

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Components: Start your Journey with Reusable Controls

In my first month of joining Microsoft, Emma Cooper, a Program Manager on the PowerApps team, knocked on my door with a shine of delight in her eyes. “You can copy and paste controls from one tab to another. Do you want to try it out?” Emma knew my answer without me needing to say …

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Virgin Atlantic drives agile wins for its mobile workforce with the Power Platform

“PowerApps help us help our business” – Manuela Pichler, Business Systems Development Manager, IT Lite team In this post we’ll take a deep dive look at the successful adoption of the Microsoft Power Platform at Virgin Atlantic. We’ll start with a Safety and Compliance App, followed by Virgin Atlantic’s centralized administration approach to view and …

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Tree view has an “App” item to make app building easier

There’s a fancy new item in the tree view and its name is “App”.  This App item is not a control, but is permanently there and contains properties of your app such as OnStart. In previous versions, the OnStart property was included in the property list of the first screen of your app. The feedback …

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Relate records in Many-to-Many relationships

Canvas app authors have new tools for working with Common Data Service for Apps relationships: Relate and Unrelate functions. Many-to-Many relationships Since December, you have been able to read Many-to-Many relationships using the experimental and then preview CDS connector.  But it has been impossible to relate or unrelate two records and the join table is …

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