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Activities Timeline Wall Improvements in the Unified Interface

Headshot of article author Mark Spilde

With the October 2019 preview release of the Unified Interface for model-driven apps in PowerApps we have made several interaction and usability improvements to activities in the Timeline Wall.

See more activities and Icons are more visible

  • Depending on the size of your screen, you can now see more activities on timeline. The title, date, and description will be displayed, making it easy to identify the activities you want to manage and interact with in the Timeline
  • Icons are now clearly displayed on the right to help you quickly identify important activities.

On-hover activity commands
Commands are no longer hidden and are now available when you hover over an activity.

Activity expand/collapse, additional actions

Quickly expand or collapse an activity to view the full content and take additional actions on the record.

Filtering updates and simplification

Filtering has been updated and simplified to help better manage activities, enabling the following improvements:

  • Select multiple filters and filter options at the same time
  • Quickly expand and collapse filters
  • New filter for Activity due date (active)
  • New, explicit filter options for Modified date
  • For Activity status:
    • Active filter option includes Scheduled entities
    • Closed filter option includes Canceled entities
    • Active and overdue option requires the activity to be Active or Scheduled


For more information on how to add activities to the timeline, see Add an appointment, email, phone call, note, or task activity to the timeline.

We hope with these improvements your customers will be able to quickly view, manage and act on activities when using the Timeline Wall and we look forward to hearing from you.

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