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AUGUST UPDATE: Power Platform Developer Tools

Headshot of article author Kartik Kanakasabesan (HE/HIM)

We are finally out with our August refresh for the Power Platform developer tools.  Just like every update we recommend that you update as soon as you can. The changes that have been done, are across the Power Platform Command Line, VS Code Extension, Power Platform Build Tools, and GitHub actions.

Power platform Command line and VS Code Extension update

New Capabilities

  • Delete solutions via the command line with the new command: pac solution delete
  • Pac admin command that either require an environment id or url can now pass either on with the –environment flag and the system does the appropriate action (and yes, you can mix and match for options like environment copy as you could provide the url for the source environment and the id for the target environment)


  • Power Platform Command Line on Windows runs on .NET 4.8
  • Updated to support MSAL 4.35
  • Solution unpack command does not automatically delete the unless the new –AllowDeletes parameter is used

Portal Module

  • Ability to populate the deployment profile after reading the entity data from files using the –deployment profile parameter

Power Platform build tools

  • We have now introduced the ability to delete solution as an ALM task in Power Platform Build tools
  • Fixed Deploy Package to renew OAuth token if the package deployment takes over 60 minutes
  • Updated Solution packager to support the new modern Sitemap file


These are some of the new and exciting changes we are delivering the August refresh. If you have any feedback, please reach out to us at or in the Powerusers Community