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Automate your Canvas tests in your DevOps pipeline

Headshot of article author Aengus Heaney

Since announcing the release of the Power Apps Test studio to build end-to-end tests for your canvas apps, a major ask from the community was for the ability to embed testing in the application life-cycle and automatically run tests directly from their build and release pipelines as new app updates are deployed.

Automating tests in a release pipeline can help teams catch issues fast and prevent any bugs or quality issues leaking into production environments and impacting end-users. From today, you can now use the PowerAppsTestAutomation project published on Github to help you set up your pipelines and run your automated tests.

With UI automation tests, you need to login to your application unattended, meaning the system needs to open a browser and authenticate as a user for that application. The PowerAppsTestAutomation project abstracts you from the complexities of writing this code yourself, and it helps you automate the operations of logging into your application, opening a browser on the build agent, executing a set of test cases or test suites, and providing the status of the test execution in the DevOps pipeline.

You can refer to this documentation for more details on how to set up your pipeline and configure the steps to automatically run your app tests.

After running the pipeline to execute your app tests, you can view and get alerted to any issues that may have broken the functionality in your app, and use this data to potentially stop your release and prevent these issues impacting end-users.


What’s next?

This initial release is the first step towards helping you build testing into your release processes. We want to make configuring the pipeline easier and we will soon publish documentation on how to set it up using a YAML pipeline template.

Let us know what you think by sharing your feedback below or on our community feedback discussion thread!