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Canvas app settings have a fresh new look

Headshot of article author Emma Cooper

Canvas app settings have been updated to a modern look, recategorized, and streamlined to help you find and set what’s important. The options have been recategorized slightly based on customer feedback to help provide clarity around what you can find in each section.

General has the basic app name, description, icon in addition to the permanent generally available settings to configure for your app. You can now rename the app directly inline as well as change the app icon colors by selecting the form the list or by updating the hex code.

Display contains settings all about how your app behavior for users including size and orientation.

Upcoming features contains all the categorized Preview, Experimental, and Retired settings for features that are being phased in or out. With the search and separate list for each category, this helps streamline finding and understanding these features.

There is now a Support page which is your friend for providing any information for debugging, as well as the relevant helpful links.

Additionally there’s now a new entry point readily available on the top menu to open the settings to help reduce clicks.

Let us know what you think about this new look for canvas app settings in the comments below, on social media or on our community.

Happy Building!