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Catch-up on the PowerApps October release wave updates!

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In the PowerApps October release wave we have some amazing new features landing that you have been asking for!  Below are directions to find out about all the new features but highlighting the four that we have been getting the most requests for:

    • PowerApps Guest access
    • Solution checker enhancements
    • Building with components
    • Unified interface enhancements

PowerApps Guest access

Top voted PowerApps idea being delivered! Guest access enables teams of individuals made up of different organizations participating in a common business process to access the same app resources that may be integrated with a wide variety of Microsoft and third-party sources

Building with components

One of the most anticipated of our enhancements! Canvas components make it easier to build reusable controls, such as navigation menus and dialogs. The ‘master’ / ‘instance’ behavior makes it easy to reuse them as building blocks inside the app or shared between apps. In addition to the components video be sure and check out the components gallery to try out and share your favorite PowerApps components!

Solution checker enhancements

With Solution checker, you can inspect your code against a set of best practice development rules specific to customizing and extending the CDS for Apps platform

Unified interface enhancements

Admins will be able to create three different experiences with form headers including two new high-density modes. We’ve made it easier to find and fix errors with improved navigation to a field where the error occurred, and we have updated our unsaved changes dialog with updated, more clear messaging. Images are now directly inline when reading emails, and we have made it easier to add records quickly with updated Quick Create options. As part of this release, we have also made significant updates to the activities timeline wall to help users manage emails with conversation threads, improved filtering, and better iconography to help users find information quickly in the timeline wall. We enhanced usability with lookups and improved grids with increased density, updated styling, remembering state, standard browser hyperlinks, loading indicator, and improved filtering.

More upcoming PowerApps features

In addition to these features, many PowerApps makers don’t realize that the Power Platform Development teams share the features we plan on delivering throughout the year.

We have been doing this for over a year and that information for all the Business Applications can be found here:

If you want to jump straight to the PowerApps section that can be found here:

This document has some great topics like;

The users of these resources have mentioned they would like to get more information and if possible, supply videos of these features in action.

We have enhanced our pre-release readiness experience to learn about the upcoming release wave capabilities in a simple and easy to use product updates page.   

Additionally, our program managers heard your requests and created an entire set of demos and created two videos for these upcoming features!

With these guides you can find release wave plans, key milestones, release overview guides and videos for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.

As the PowerApps sections are near the bottom of the page, you can find direct links to the videos here: