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Enrich your data with Dun & Bradstreet and the Common Data Service (Previous version)

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Note : This blog post relates to an earlier version of the Common Data Service and these templates are no longer available in the current release.

We are excited to announce the US release of D&B Optimizer from Dun & Bradstreet today. D&B Optimizer will take Account (Customer) data stored within the Common Data Service and using Flow, match each account against the Dun & Bradstreet database of over 280 Million global businesses to retrieve their Business Profile. Once the Business Profile is returned and stored within the Common Data Service it can be used for data quality and analytics.



D&B Optimizer leverages the simplicity of the Microsoft platform by enabling customer data to be sourced from multiple data sources and apps and integrated into the Common Data Service in a standardized format. Once in the Common Data Service a Flow Template is available to match your data immediately against the connector for Dun & Bradstreet. The Common Data Service will allow customers to avoid bespoke integrations to Dun & Bradstreet from different systems, users will be able to bring in their data using one of the existing data integration projects, Power Query (Preview) or simply import the data.

Let’s look at an example, basic information about an Account has been entered into the Account entity in the Common Data Service:

Organization Name Gorman Manuafacturing
City San Francisco
State CA

After matching through Flow and the Dun & Bradstreet connector, the following Business Profile is created in the Common Data Service.

Field Business Profile
Organization Name Gorman Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Address Line 1 492 KOLLER ST
State CA
Postal Code 94110
DUNS Number 804735132
Phone Number +1 (650) 555 0000
SIC Industry Code 2752
SIC Industry Description Lithographic commercial printing
Global Ultimate DUNS Number 804735132
Global Ultimate Organization Name Gorman Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Domestic Ultimate DUNS Number 804735132
Domestic Ultimate Organization Name Gorman Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Location Type Global Ultimate;Domestic Ultimate;Parent/Headquarters
Financial Year Revenue (Last Reported) $24,662,580
Financial Year Revenue Currency USD
Financial Year To Date 31/12/2016
Number of Employees (Local) 120
Number of Employees (Total) 153

To ensure this integration is as smooth as possible, Microsoft has collaborated with Dun & Bradstreet to introduce the new Business Profile entity to be part of the Common Data Service to reduce the need for custom objects, and to allow customers and ISVs to build solutions leveraging this data as well.

The enriched Business Profile not only includes the business and contact information for an organization, but also the information to support data cleansing and improvement, territory management and organizational structure. With access to this business intelligence, organizations will gain a single source of data truth to increase alignment across your organization and improve productivity with a more complete view of your customers and prospects. The D&B Optimizer solution also includes PowerBI reports to segment your customer data, and quickly identify data quality issues.

Customers who are using Dynamics 365 will benefit from a D&B Optimizer solution available for Dynamics 365 for Sales which brings the Business Profile information directly back into the Account form.

We are extremely excited to announce the release of the D&B Optimizer solution, not only for the immediate benefit we can see this bring users but also as a great example of one of our strategic ISVs leveraging the Common Data Service, Microsoft Flow and PowerBI to develop an awesome solution for our joint customers.

D&B Optimizer requires users to have access to a Common Data Service environment and an active subscription for Dun & Bradstreet services. Find more information here, and how to get started here.

You can read the announcement of the strategic partnership announced in July, 2017 here.