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February 2019 updates for Microsoft PowerApps

Headshot of article author Evan Chaki

The team has been busy the last month shipping new features and fixes for you.  You can view the weekly release information here .  Check the release table, by region, to find out when these features and fixes will be available.


Compose and reuse rich components and controls in canvas apps

Makers can build and share elements, such as menus or calendars, on multiple screens of the same app or in multiple apps. Makers can build these reusable components and composite controls in PowerApps Studio, just as they build canvas apps.  See these blog posts for more details:


Better support for many-to-many relationships in canvas apps

Business data is relational. Customers, employees, suppliers, shippers, products, and inventory inter-relate through orders and purchase orders. In Common Data Service (CDS) for Apps, these relationships are modeled as one-to-many, many-to-one, or many-to-many relationships. See the blog post for more details.


Tree view has an “App” item to make app building easier

There’s a fancy new item in the tree view and its name is “App”.  This App item is not a control, but is permanently there and contains properties of your app such as OnStart. See the blog post for more details.


Quickly edit the filters for views

Makers can now quickly and easily edit the filters for their model-driven views. The view designer displays filters in the Filter by … section in the property pane. Clicking on the individual filters in the property pane shows a dialog that allows makers to quickly update the operator and the value. See the blog post for more details.



Fixes and improvements:

  • Sharing: Bulk User Add – You can now copy users from Outlook or Excel and paste them into the sharing area to quickly add them to your app. See the blog post for more details.
  • Controls: Data Table – When you duplicate a screen that has a data table on it, data doesn’t appear in data table.
  • Controls: Barcode Scanner – When the Barcode Scanner is used in canvas studio it provides a sample value but it doesn’t run the behavior in the OnScan property.
  • Components: Undo – Undo is now supported for components from canvas studio.
  • Mobile Players: OnVisible on first screen – In some situations the OnVisible property on the first screen will not always fire when played on a mobile device.
  • iOS: App Screen – After the keyboard is used then it is minimized, app screen doesn’t automatically move down.
  • Edge / IE: Scrollbar in Form – The scrollbar does not always show up in a form when playing an app in Edge or IE.