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GitHub connector features for Power Platform

Headshot of article author Per Mikkelsen

We are delighted to share how the GitHub Connector makes it possible to build self service CI/CD apps using Power Apps and  Power Automate and how the Power Customer Advisory Team (CAT) has even built an app for you to get started!

With GitHub Connector, you can create a GitHub repo, create a pull request, merge a pull request, compare commits, trigger a GitHub actions workflow and much more from Power Apps and Power Automate.

The GitHub connector works perfectly with the GitHub Actions for Power Platform released in preview recently. The create a repository dispatch event can be used in Power Automate or Power Apps to trigger a GitHub actions workflow in your repo. See how to set it up below or jump straight to this repo to setup and use the PowerOps app from Power CAT that has taken the concept to the next level.

  1. Create a manually triggered Cloud Flow, and search for the GitHub Connector.
  2. Select the action Create a repository dispatch event.
  3. Enter the following details and save the flow:
    • Repository Owner – This is your GitHub Organization name.
    • Repository Name – This is your GitHub Repo name.
    • Event Name – This is the name of trigger that your GitHub workflow is listening to. 
  4. In your GitHub workflow definition (yml file), ensure that your workflow has the following trigger:    repository_dispatch:   types: <Event Name entered in the flow definition in step 3 above>
  5. Test the flow and validate that your GitHub actions workflow is triggered in your repo.
We encourage you to try this out for yourself and to explore the PowerOps app mentioned earlier in this post. The PowerOps app is the first of a set of investments Power CAT is making in building sample implementations that will help you be more productive with ALM on the Power Platform. The team will share more details on the Power Apps blog soon. Stay tuned….