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Introducing Microsoft Power Platform API (preview)

Headshot of article author Lane Swenka

Over the years, the capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform have grown exponentially.  For administrators trying to manage their tenant at scale, this has traditionally meant looking at tools like our Power Apps Administration PowerShell module or the Power Platform for Admins management connector in Power Automate.

A growing community of administrators and API afficionados have been asking for full documentation of the REST APIs that power these tools, but each product area within the Power Platform has their own API with different authentication mechanisms and only a small fraction of which has been documented publicly.

To solve this gap in documentation, and to eventually support automated refreshes of PowerShell modules and Connectors, we are introducing as of March 31st, 2022 the public preview of Microsoft Power Platform API.

Power Platform API gateway harmonizes features from various areas of the admin experience in to a single API endpoint.

Power Platform API acts as a gateway or a single API surface that harmonizes the internal APIs from each feature area of the platform.  This results in a single endpoint (ex. for customers to use along with a unified set of Permissions and claims that can be requested from Azure Active Directory.

This new gateway also automatically refreshes our new technical reference documentation so that it is always up to date with the latest capabilities. This is available here:

Technical reference documentation

Each feature area is collected neatly into a grouping called a namespace.  Each namespace contains resources that it governs such as Billing Policies in the Licensing namespace which can be used to enable Azure Pay-as-you-go functionality for environments you specify.

In addition to the technical reference, we also have a step-by-step tutorial available for the installation of apps from AppSource that demonstrates how to directly use the REST API in an Azure Logic App:

Logic app example of Power Platform API

The tutorial also demonstrates easy commands for doing the same with Power Platform CLI.  This is a great example of a tool available to administrators that makes use of the Power Platform API as mentioned in the February Refresh of Power Platform CLI:

PacCLI example of Power Platform API

As we look forward, we will add more namespaces to our Release Plans available here so you can anticipate their arrival.  Once we have broader feature parity, we will look at using this gateway automation to generate new versions of PowerShell and Connectors that will always be up to date with the features of Power Platform API.